Gdzie wesele, czyli jak wybrać idealne miejsce?

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The "wedding", as the name suggests, is a time of joy and rejoicing. The guests rejoice at the happiness of two people who have just declared that they want to live their whole lives together. Where is the wedding zorganizować? By te szczególne chwile nie rozminęły się z naszymi marzeniami, warto przeżyć je tam, gdzie wszystko zostało zaprojektowane z myślą o szczęściu Młodej Pary.

Czego się dowiesz z artykułu?

Planujesz wesele, ale nie wiesz, gdzie znaleźć idealne miejsce, które zachwyci Twoich gości i zapewni niezapomniane wspomnienia? Karkonosze to odpowiedź na Twoje poszukiwania! W tym wpisie dowiesz się, dlaczego Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów jest polecana jako idealne miejsce na wesele, jakie są najlepsze terminy na organizację tego wyjątkowego dnia, oraz jak znaleźć odpowiednie miejsce na wesele i nocleg dla gości. Czytaj dalej, aby odkryć, gdzie najlepiej zorganizować swoje wesele w Polsce, i poznaj nasze propozycje w czym pojawić się na tym wyjątkowym wydarzeniu – podpowiedzi dotyczą zarówno ubioru dla pań, jak i panów. A może marzy Ci się ślub humanistyczny w plenerze? Mamy na to odpowiedź!

In all cultures joy is expressed through dance. Therefore, the wedding is primarily an all-night ball, which should take place in a charming, professionally prepared place. The beautiful ballroom will make all guests move to a fairy-tale land for one night. This will help them remember this day for years to come.

Although the offer wedding objects is very wide, it is worth paying attention to those that stand out from the competition: special design, organizational capabilities or approach to the client. The ballroom topped with a wooden vault suspended 9 meters above the ground must arouse admiration. Just like the stylish mezzanine or decorated in boutique style rooms. All these elements can be found in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy in Sosnówka near Karpacz. It's perfect wedding hall!

in rose petals

Sala na wesele? Karkonosze sprawdzą się idealnie!

Where's the wedding? How to choose the perfect place? Those who have decided to get married are wondering about this. There are many beautiful places in Poland, but it is the Karkonosze Mountains that are perfect for weddings and receptions. This is a unique region of Poland, known for being one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. These picturesque areas are worth visiting not only during the tourist season, but also in autumn, when the colors of the changing colors of the forests will enchant everyone. And the capital of the region impresses with its charm with a hint of retro. Therefore on wedding in Jelenia Gora it's a great location!

All wedding colors…

A wedding and reception combined with an autumn holiday in the Karkonosze Mountains is a great idea. The mountains delight at any time of the year, but it is in autumn, when there are so many colors, that they are the most beautiful. Unusual and magical. It is also worth going to the mountains after the season due to the weather. Wedding in September or wedding in October in the mountains is a great idea. The temperatures are conducive to crazy fun - it's not too hot or too cold. And the decorations are actually free, as the mountains at this time of year prepare a picturesque background for us.

Czy istnieje idealne miejsce na wesele?

Where to have a wedding – this is one of the basic and first questions that the bride and groom ask each other when they decide to get married. Far or close to home? Is it in the area where the Groom's family lives, or rather closer to the Bride? Or maybe surprise guests and make them in the mountains - weddings in Karpacz and the surrounding area look great in photos! – or by the sea? These are seemingly simple questions, but there are so many possible answers ... We will tell you how to choose place for a wedding.

Let's start with the fact that this is the greatest celebration of two people who love each other and they should decide where to organize a wedding. So we are already narrowing down the group of people who should make the final decision.

Rozmiar sali ma znaczenie

Another element to consider is how big the wedding you want to make. So the answer to the question of how many guests we want to have at the wedding should also help when choosing a wedding venue. In other words - if we decide to have a larger wedding, we need to find a wedding hall that will accommodate all our guests. Moreover, there must be enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. They had a place to dance, talk, go out for air or even park the car.

wedding guests

Now the question - is there a suitable venue for a wedding in the area? But not to be too easy - even if there is a large enough place, is this one wedding hall meets our expectations? Let's remember that a wedding is a special celebration and it cannot be done "on trial". We won't be able to repeat our wedding as long and in as many places until we find the best one. The most beautiful. Just perfect! Therefore, you must immediately choose uncompromisingly and realize your dreams and ideas about the wedding. 

When to plan a wedding?

Let's consider whether planning a wedding well in advance, in times of uncertainty, makes sense at all? Given price volatility and inflation, it certainly does. By simply booking a wedding hall, buying wedding rings or a wedding dress today, we will probably pay a dozen or so percent less than in a year or two.

Another argument for planning a wedding in advance is the availability of individual wedding services. Starting from the wedding hall, through the music band, photographer, stylist or even wedding dates can be busy if we decide to hold the wedding too late. Also, guests, without whom a real wedding cannot take place, must have time to organize themselves, get time off work or buy appropriate clothes. So it seems that everything speaks for planning a wedding well in advance. And yet last minute wedding could also be a great idea.

Last minute wedding

For the impatient, the argument may be that you don't have to wait long. Because let's think about it, who really wants to prepare for the greatest day of their lives for two years and wait so long for a dress, cake, party and gifts? It's all eternity!

And for spontaneous ones, a quick wedding will be the perfect solution, because you can quickly make decisions regarding the hall, costumes, menu and flowers. Because is it worth thinking long over the choice of all these elements of the wedding and reception, since we made the decision to get married within five minutes? Let's give ourselves a chance for a bit of madness and improvisation - after all, our wedding is not a theatrical performance in which every element must be meticulously planned and calculated to the minute!

The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor outdoor weddings

Where's the 2024 wedding?

When it comes to wedding planning, there is no shortage of important decisions to make. One of the most important is, of course, choosing the perfect one wedding venues. If you are looking for a truly unique and unforgettable place for your big day, look no further than Lower Silesia. A wedding among mountains, mansions, parks and palaces in a land simply dreamed of for lovers must be successful!  

Dwór Korona Karkonosze toast young couple
Young couple

Thanks to the fact that it is a real basin of event services, it is easy to find the perfect wedding hall and all wedding service subcontractors here. Thus, it may turn out that the answer to the question gdzie wesele 2024 year will be the best, may turn out to be simpler than, for example, a question like: what wedding dress to choose or who to ask as a witness.

So let's not delay with the decision, and start planning the wedding in detail. You have to choose: a concordat wedding or a civil wedding. Or a wedding in a church or outdoors with a view of the mountains? Everything is possible, but first we have to listen to our dreams.

wedding steampunk lower silesia
The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor - outdoor weddings

Gdzie wesele 2025?

Rok 2025zapowiada się naprawdę dobrze. Zwłaszcza dla zakochanych powinien to być szczęśliwy czas. Dla tych, którzy zdecydują się właśnie wtedy wziąć ślub i zrobić wesele podpowiadamy, gdzie wesele 2025 będzie najlepsze. Can the time of the year when we decide to get married affect the choice of wedding venue? Yes and no… If we decide to have a wedding in a place that is attractive only in the summer, for example by the sea, it is really important. Then the time of the year and the place determine the period in which we should fit in with our celebration.

Wedding party in the mountains

A wedding in the mountains will work all year round! No matter what time of the year we choose, it will always be beautiful there. In the summer, good visibility, sun and vast spaces will certainly allow you to enjoy a special moment and will inspire optimism. In autumn, the changing colors of leaves and amazing mountain scents will be a wonderful setting for our unique celebration. Winter with snowflakes sparkling in the sun and fairytale icicles tastes nowhere better than in the mountains. And spring, when everything comes to life, allows you to boldly look into the future together ... So we probably already know where the wedding in 2024 is worth organizing.

Where is the Silesian wedding?

Silesia is a place where different cultures have always met and mixed. It is also the place where the oldest trade routes met. This extremely geographically rich region stretches from the Sudetes and the border with the Czech Republic in the south to the Barycz Valley and the borders of Wielkopolska in the north. The western borders are already Germany, and the east meets Lesser Poland. No wonder, then, that this is a place where you can meet very different influences. Therefore, asking the question: where is the wedding Silesia seems very attractive. Here everyone will find something for themselves and even the strangest novelty will not surprise anyone here. After all, it is a cultural and moral melting pot in which we can find ourselves freely and freely express our desires.

Where is the Lower Silesia wedding?

It is a wonderful place full of history, character and natural beauty, which makes it the perfect place to take your wedding vows and exchange rings.

Whether you are looking for a fairytale castle, charming mansion for a wedding or modern loft space, you will find them here. And thanks to the convenient location, access to Lower Silesia will not be a problem even for guests from other parts of the country or from abroad. Wedding hall Lower Silesia will surely please every bride and groom!

Hey wedding ... The heart grows, and the legs are eager to dance at the thought of such a great party. A wedding is all about dancing and having fun. But for all these dreams to come true, the right conditions are needed. So we need to find a beautiful wedding venue with a dance floor. It is very important in the case of a wedding, where to hold the party? Itself place for a wedding will already build its atmosphere. It depends on whether we will feel at the outset that we are participating in something important, in something special. Because even though there are a lot of weddings in the world every day, every young couple thinks - and is right! - that her party is unique, unique.   

Wesele w Sosnówce k. Karpacza

Sosnówka is a picturesque holiday village with a rich history. Weavers' houses, a colony of summer villas, Tyrolean houses, herbalists and the great love of Spielberg's friend Ian Hickinbotham. Such traces of the past can be found in this charming place. In addition, the Source of Love and Happiness at the Chapel of St. Anna, which thanks to a very simple trick will guarantee us happiness in love. Is it necessary to look for further arguments in favor of the fact that wedding in Sosnówka is it a great idea?

Sosnówka near Karpacz

Due to the attractive location of Sosnówka, many guesthouses and hotels have been built here for a long time. Many of them have more than a hundred years of tradition. Upgraded, perfect for wedding party. Wedding in the Karkonosze Mountains it's a great idea, especially wedding in Novemberwhen prices are lower and wedding venues are not so crowded.

The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor, Sosnówka near Karpacz

Jak znaleźć miejsce na wesele i nocleg dla gości?

Young couples wondering where wedding Wroclaw will be the most convenient for them, they have many hotels, wedding houses and manor houses to choose from. They are often prepared not only for the wedding itself, but also for overnight stays for guests. “In a boutique guesthouse, each room has a different design, style and atmosphere. You could even say that each tells a different, exciting story. When young couples visit our facility, they do not hide their admiration for the ingenuity in the interior design. Each of the 35 rooms, lounges and suites of Dwór Korona Karkonoszy has been decorated in a different, original style.

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy – stylowy hotel na wesele

Manors and wedding mansions to idealne miejsca na wesele. Zwykle oferują wnętrza nie tak surowe jak zamki, ale też nie przesadnie wystylizowane czy ociekające czasem kiczowatym przepychem, jak pałace. Spokojna elegancja, jaką najczęściej widzimy w dworach i dworkach, to idealne tło ślubnych przyjęć i wesel. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy jest tego najlepszym przykładem.

“Therefore, young couples can choose between the Colonial Room, the Silver Apartment, the Snow Queen or the Paradise Garden. Each time the faces of the future spouses show the same emotions: who will we place in the Botanical Room? Will Aunt Basia like the Orange Room more or rather the Music Lounge?” – enumerates Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, an expert in the wedding industry.


stylish suites rooms lounges

Most often, these facilities are meticulously restored and offer all modern amenities. On the other hand, we find in them an atmosphere of timelessness. We can get the impression that we are watching time frozen in the frame and with the eyes of our imagination we can see carriages from which ladies in elegant ball gowns and gentlemen in tailcoats get out. The butler collects their outer garments, the hosts greet them at the door and the ball can begin...

sunflowers ballroom
Court Ballroom, The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor

If you dream of such a wedding and want to book an elegant one ballroom in a manor house, decorated with delicate wooden ornaments, think of Dwór Korona Karkonosze. The carmine-painted interior attracts attention with a white wooden vault and large, arched windows through which you can admire the rose garden. A mansion for a wedding it's always a great option!

Czy da się urządzić wesele w pałacu?

Which of us didn't dream of a fairytale wedding as a child? The movies we watched and the books we were read built in our minds – and hearts! – a vision of a wedding like from a fairy tale. Waiting for a prince on a white horse, a carriage ride, maybe even a golden one? to the dream place for a wedding and reception, i.e. a palace! A rich dress with lots of frills and a white veil with a tiara. A wedding procession on a red carpet and a herald announcing our marriage to the whole world!

Of course, in adult life, such a "fabulous" wedding usually does not attract us anymore. Too much glitz, not enough class. But how about keeping this one and only element – the palace? Many of these historic venues now offer wedding services. Most often, they have a lot of experience in this field - for hundreds of years of their existence, they have witnessed many such ceremonies. We will certainly feel the genius loci in them, which has survived all these centuries ... The wedding reception in the palace will certainly be a unique experience - not only for us, but also for our guests.

Wedding in the barn

Historians have been making us aware for several years that we are mostly descendants of peasants... For many years, as a society, we did not want to accept this fact. The image of the manor house as the seat of our ancestors lingered in us. And yet only 0.3% of Polish society lived in manor houses, because that was the only number of the landed gentry. The image of our ancestral seat in the form of a country cottage, which today we have the opportunity to see only in open-air museums, was more true...

Wedding in the barn

A wedding reception in such a cottage could also be interesting, but we will find more space in another building, an inseparable element of rural farms. That is in the barn. barns as wedding venues they are very hot right now. So, to the question - where's the wedding? - let's answer boldly - in the barn! Just like our ancestors, let's focus on naturalness and simplicity. Let's find an old barn adapted to the needs of modern requirements, especially the sanitary and aesthetic ones, or let's look for a completely new facility, imitating the shape of these former farm buildings.    

CTA block

Where to have a wedding?

Of course, in the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor!

Wedding and reception in the castle

Medieval defensive buildings also had residential functions. And if so, the echoes of old passions have survived in them... Love, emotions, lust. But also forbidden feelings, secret trysts and families that hate each other, as in the case of the legend that tells of the affection between the descendants of the von Reuss and Schaffgotsch families. These families lived in opposite castles - Chojnik and Prince Henry's castle near Sosnówka in Karkonosze. The young were united by a forbidden feeling. Their families were rivals and would not hear of this union, so they imprisoned the young lady and the young man so that they could not see each other.

Young couple in the ruins of the castle

Fortunately, he lived in the Karkonosze Mountains - and still lives! - Spirit of the Mountains. He met the lovers when they slipped away to meet halfway between their castles, in a tunnel they dug to see each other again. The mighty Karkonosze, moved by their feelings, decided to help them. He asked what they wanted and promised to grant them their wish. They replied that they wanted their love to last forever. So when they met under the roots of the hornbeam in the Red Valley, and hugged each other as tightly as possible, the tree embraced them with its mighty roots. Then the Karkonosze Mountains took the couple in love from this world and filled the tunnel. And their families quickly declined and never regained their former glory. It was the Mountain Spirit's punishment for not being able to appreciate true feeling.

However, fortunately, not all "castle" love ends like this. Your feeling, crowned with a wedding in the castle, will certainly have a happy continuation. It will be like in the movies - and they lived happily ever after…  

outdoor wedding: the bride and groom
A wedding in the mountains – Dwór Korona Karkonosze, Sosnówka near Karpacz

The Valley of Palaces and Gardens is recommended for a wedding!

In Poland, right on the border with the Czech Republic, we will find a wonderful place. This region is full of fairy-tale castles, charming manor houses and sumptuous palaces. Moreover, we will find there a fantastic, almost untouched nature. Beautiful, fairy-tale gardens and ancient forests surround the surrounding mansions and villas. An ideal place for a family celebration, which is a wedding.

Castles, palaces, gardens…

Valley of Palaces and Gardens it's the perfect place for a wedding! Located in the Jeleniogórska Valley, it consists of almost 30 objects of secular architecture. These are one-of-a-kind, unique medieval residential towers or impressive castles. But also beautiful Renaissance mansions and richly decorated Baroque palaces.

All these historic buildings are a remnant of the times when this area was inhabited by magnates and aristocracy from all over Europe. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens was also willingly visited by outstanding artists, thinkers and scientists. They were looking for inspiration and inspiration here.

Many of these residences of wealthy families, currently in the hands of new owners or foundations, have been entered on the List of Historical Monuments. It is an ideal place not only for weddings and receptions, but also for car, bicycle or hiking trips. Castle, palace or mansion? All! We will find only wonderful objects here, also ideal for wedding halls.

Miejsce na wesele? Wrocław wart rozważenia

Located in the heart of Europe, Wrocław is the perfect place for virtually any occasion. It will also be a unique and unforgettable place for a wedding party.

The medieval Old Town in Wrocław is a fairy-tale setting for a wedding, with its cobbled streets and picturesque Market Square. The beautiful Gothic cathedral from the 17th century is another popular choice for getting married, and the views from the bridge over the Oder make a great backdrop for wedding photos.

In a more modern setting, Wroclaw also offers plenty of stylish hotels and event venues that will be perfect for your big day. Regardless of whether you are planning an intimate meeting or a big celebration, Wrocław has everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true. So start planning your dream wedding today!

Lower Silesia wedding

Where will the wedding in Poland go best?

It is difficult to list all the great wedding and wedding venues that we can find in our country. There are so many of them that the choice is undoubtedly very difficult. Lovers of sunbathing can arrange a Hamptons-style wedding in one of the many charming seaside towns, and the wedding itself - civil or humanist wedding - celebrate on the beach. Couples in love with the majesty of the mountains have the entire southern border of Poland at their disposal. And there are the highest Tatras, the vast Beskidy Mountains, the beautiful Pieniny Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains, which hide many secrets.

The best places for weddings

Many people dream of a wedding by the lake and a wedding on the pier. We also have plenty of lake districts, including the most famous Masuria and the extremely picturesque Drawskie Lake District, full of tourist attractions. And if we are dealing with avowed city dwellers who cannot imagine life - and a wedding! – close to nature, no problem. The capital city, metropolitan Warsaw, historic Krakow and vibrant Wrocław are the three largest cities in Poland. Each of them offers plenty of places where you can arrange a wedding. And we also have the wonderful Tri-City or Lodz, full of post-industrial charm, perfect for weddings in the loft or steampunk style. Or Katowice with its monuments of technology, a great background for wedding photos in the case of an industrial wedding. Those who cannot live without the bustle and atmosphere of the big city also have a lot of choice when looking for an answer to the question: where wedding reception in Poland?

W czym na wesele? Panie mają wybór

A tattoo instead of a wedding ring, a chain store dress instead of a special wedding outfit. This is, of course, a non-standard version, quite rare yet, but more and more often brides dress not necessarily in accordance with tradition, but according to their preferences. If you want a colorful dress, because white is not your color - why not? Especially since white wedding dresses are a relatively new invention, and absent in many cultures, for example in India, where it is the color of mourning. And in Mexico, brides usually wear black dresses for their wedding. So it is not worth worrying about the alleged tradition and the opinion of others. It's worth putting on what you really want to wear that day.

Let's remember this is our day! If since childhood we dreamed of a princess-style wedding dress, of frills, tiaras and high heels - let's make this fantasy come true. But if we know that we will feel bad in it, let's put on trousers and ballerinas. Or an airy boho dress, light sandals and a flower in your hair.
We can also bet on a wedding in the style of the years. 20. or Gothic. Or another favorite, with interesting decorations and props. And, of course, clothes that fit the convention. Then no one will be surprised that we are not wearing a typical wedding dress.

vintage wedding dress

W czym na wesele? Panowie – oto nasze propozycje

Jeśli zastanawiasz się, jak się ubrać na wesele, to odpowiedź jest prosta. Elegancko, ale pozostając w zgodzie z samym sobą. Żeby dobrze się bawić na weselu, przede wszystkim trzeba się dobrze czuć we własnym ubraniu. Pamiętajmy też, że wesele to najważniejszy dzień w życiu dwojga stających na ślubnym kobiercu osób. To właśnie dla nich tu przyszliśmy, to są ich wyjątkowe chwile. Nie powinniśmy więc ich zawieść. I wcale nie chodzi tu o to, by koniecznie kupić nowe ubranie, ale by tym, co mamy na sobie, podkreślić rangę tego wydarzenia. Jeśli lubimy klasyczną elegancję, to oczywiście garnitur. Ale nie tylko on się sprawdzi.

Groom's attire, Plum Room, The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor

All kinds of gala uniforms, elegant jackets and shirts, as well as, of course, regional costumes will also certainly look great at the wedding. However, some moderation and prudence should be exercised here. If we know the convention in which the wedding will take place - for example, the Groom or the Bride defined it strictly - then let's stick to it. But also, if there is full freedom, remember that as guests at the wedding, we should not be the main actors and attract the most attention with our clothes. We are not the most important here, there is nothing to cheat.

If it's a less formal style party like a boho party in the garden or Hamptons on the beach, a smart casual style will look great. Moccasins, chino pants, a sports jacket - it will be elegant, but without pomp.

Wesele w górach – gdzie je planować?

Na pytanie, gdzie wesele góry jawią się jako wybór oczywisty i naturalny. Wspaniałe panoramy i wyjątkowa atmosfera sprawiają, że wedding in the mountains, zwłaszcza z noclegiem, zawsze jest udane. Bez względu na porę roku oczy cieszą malownicze krajobrazy. Zimą oszronione szczyty wydają się sięgać nieba. Jesień rozpieszcza nas widokiem niesamowitego spektaklu kolorystycznego dzięki przebarwiającym się liściom. Karkonosze zafundują nam ten niesamowity spektakl!

winter wedding: young couple

Where to get married? No matter where, no matter what!

W życiu najważniejsza jest oczywiście miłość… Pozwólmy jej w pełni rozkwitnąć i nadajmy jej odpowiednią oprawę, zwłaszcza podczas wesela. Kiedy mamy już zaplanowany w szczegółach ślub i wesele i wybraliśmy już na nie miejsce, pozostaje jeszcze kwestia: czym na wesele się dostać? Najprościej, kiedy wesele jest w tym samym miejscu, gdzie bierzemy ślub. Jeśli jednak ślub bierzemy w kościele albo w urzędzie, a wesele będzie na przykład w najpiękniejszej sali balowej na Dolnym Śląsku, to trzeba się tam po prostu jakoś dostać.

Court Ballroom, The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor

Klasycznym rozwiązaniem jest limuzyna ślubna, którą można wynająć. Albo przystroić odpowiednio zwykły samochód. Ale jeśli Państwo Młodzi mają taką fantazję albo hobby, do ślubu można pojechać pojazdem przystosowanym do jazdy off road, motocyklem, pociągiem albo bryczką. Dla miłośników hippiki doskonałym „środkiem lokomocji” będą konie, najlepiej ulubione wierzchowce. Maniacy dwóch kółek mogą wybrać się do ślubu swymi jednośladami. To tylko kilka przykładów różnych nietypowych odpowiedzi na pytanie, czym na wesele.

A little-known, but traditional in some parts of the Karkonosze, means of transport for a wedding is litter. More precisely, such traveling was traditionally referred to as "on poles". This tradition comes from the fact that in order to get to the St. Anne's Spring in SosnowkaCenturies ago, wealthier tourists and patients hired porters who transported them with their equipment to the top using litters. Tourists were carried in litters even to Śnieżka! At the beginning of the 19th century, there was already a "Corps of guides and porters of sedan chairs" in this area. Today, this tradition is revived and this is how the newlyweds and their guests arrive at the wedding, completely fit and cheerful. There is also good news for the uncertain possibilities of modern porters of newlyweds. Everywhere you can get to a wedding by car, scooter or even a balloon!

Ślub humanistyczny? Najlepiej w plenerze!

Outdoor wedding has a unique charm. Green soothes and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, just like the sun's rays. At night, the starry sky instead of the ceiling creates an amazing mood. Dancing in the open air is much more pleasant than in the hall, and food tastes better in the open air.

Of course, we must take care of technical, culinary and sanitary facilities, so it is best to choose a garden or a park located next to the wedding hall, hotel or restaurant. Then all the necessary amenities will be in place, and in case of bad weather there will be a place to take shelter.

In the open air, you can also have a wedding, not only arrange a wedding reception. Civil or humanist weddings are more and more often held in the garden, in the forest or on the beach. Many young couples dream of such a wedding and reception - surrounded by nature, a little less formal, more relaxed.

It doesn't matter where the wedding will be... It's important with whom!

Sologamy this is not a solution for everyone. But if we dream about a wedding and a wedding party, and we have no one to take it with, let's use the "emergency exit", which is a wedding with ourselves, i.e. sologamy. Such a ceremony is increasingly organized by people who do not necessarily care about the partner, but more about the ceremony itself and the wedding party.

Young couple

Sologamy doesn't always have to be a "backup option." Admittedly, most of us have a Platonic myth about the two halves of an apple that spend their lives looking for their complement, their pair, because without the other they feel incomplete. However, that's just a myth. There are people who do well alone. Who are unwilling to compromise in life. And every relationship, even the happiest, is an art of compromise. Even in terms of lifestyle, place of residence, having children, how to spend free time or furnishing the apartment.

The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor - outdoor weddings

Some people appreciate the total freedom that single life gives them. On the other hand, they want to organize a wedding, make a grand party for their loved ones. So why not? At least the decision where the wedding it will be easier - because only one person will decide.

An industrial wedding venue

Industrial wedding of course, it is easiest to arrange it in a city with industrial traditions, where we will find many old technical facilities, now often converted into restaurants or hotels. Such interiors have a loft character and delight with their industrial beauty. High ceilings, large industrial windows, cast iron and metal elements such as stairs, columns, ramps - all this creates an amazing atmosphere. Against such a background, the bride in her white dress will shine like a diamond.

Loft for a wedding

Of this type wedding venues it is easiest to find in Katowice and other cities of Zagłębie, in Łódź, Gdynia or Wrocław. But even outside the city, we will find objects suitable for the background of an industrial wedding - for example, former mills, forges, distilleries or granges.   

Rustic wedding venues

What are rustic wedding venues? The most rustic wedding venues we both can imagine are open-air museums. These open-air museums allow us to be transported to the world of our ancestors. A wooden hut with colorful spiders made of tissue paper hanging from the ceiling, paper cutouts in tiny windows, simple benches and tables covered with freshly starched linen make us feel as if we got into a time machine and went back about 150 years...

You can also set tables under the old lime tree in front of the house, and organize wedding in the garden. Stoneware tableware, field bouquets in clay jugs, traditional country food - all of this can be found if we choose a rustic wedding venue.

Or a barn - weddings in barns are becoming more and more popular. We are dealing either with old, original buildings, adapted to the requirements of modern young couples. Or with new buildings, stylized as old farm buildings.

Either way, if we choose to rustic wedding, magical, and at the same time family and warm atmosphere guaranteed!

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Przyjęcie weselne na rzece

For over a dozen years, Polish cities have started to use the potential offered by the location on a large river. They revitalize the boulevards, develop inland navigation, including the tourist one, open pubs and bars. The atmosphere is unmistakable!

The city lights reflecting in the water of the river will create a magical, unique atmosphere. Perfect for a wedding! The city from the perspective of the river looks quite different. Even well-known places take on a new character. Beaches and boulevards in the city center tempt with urban bustle and holiday atmosphere. There are more and more barges and ships on the rivers where you can arrange a wedding.

Sala weselna na wyłączność? W Dwór Korona Karkonoszy jak najbardziej!

When looking for a place to organize your dream wedding, it is worth paying attention to whether anyone other than the wedding guests will not be able to enter the property during the party. It is best if the owners of the facility stipulate that they do not organize two weddings at the same time. And they committed themselves not to conduct training for companies during the wedding, and they do not accept individual guests. Then the wedding guests do not have to worry about unexpected guests spoiling their special day.

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An exclusive wedding hall?

Our facility is at your disposal ♥

If you're looking for the perfect wedding hall, you couldn't find a better place. We will take care of you and your guests ♥

Court Ballroom, The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor
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Frequently Asked Questions

Karpacz wedding halls?

There are many interesting hotels, guesthouses, palaces and restaurants in the vicinity of Karpacz. Some of them offer the possibility of organizing weddings. The leader in organizing weddings in this region is Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. Almost 780 weddings have already taken place there, including international weddings, weddings with a theme or themed weddings. You can also have a civil or humanist wedding in the garden there.

Booking a room for a wedding?

Wedding venues are best booked at least a few months in advance. We will have a guarantee of the date that interests us. And a wedding in a dream hall. If you are planning a wedding in high season, it is better to try to book a wedding house in advance. The most popular wedding venues need to be booked up to 2 years in advance. But there are also occasions to organize the so-called last minute wedding. It is worth checking whether the wedding hall of your choice has not become available.

The best wedding hall?

The best hall for a wedding is the one where we will have the opportunity to organize a wedding exactly as we have dreamed of. There is no universal definition of the best venue for a wedding. But you can definitely recommend, for example, the wedding hall in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy in Sosnówka near Karpacz. You can prepare a wedding in any style there. In addition, there are rooms for guests and excellent catering on site. There is also the possibility of organizing weddings and receptions or after-party in the garden.

Karkonosze wedding house?

There are no wedding facilities in the Karkonosze National Park itself, but we can find them right next to it. For example, in Sosnówka near Karpacz, there is a stylish wedding house Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, popular in the region. It is possible to organize weddings and receptions with a view of the mountains.

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