Attractions in the region

Peaks with a varied sculpture, with over 1,600-meter Śnieżka at the forefront, waterfalls, mountain trails, numerous valleys, rapid streams are the Karkonosze Mountains. The wonderful Valley of Palaces and Gardens, the picturesque reservoir in Sosnówka, the view of the Chojnik and Prince Henry castles are the closest surroundings of our hotel.

attractions in the mountains

Karkonosze - our beautiful mountains

Karkonosze - mountains of great possibilities! It is not a coincidence that they are called Riesengebirge in German, and Giant Mountains in English. They may not reach huge sizes, but the prevailing climate here corresponds to the European high mountains. And these landscapes... Śnieżka, Mały and Wielki Staw, Śnieżne Kotły, Kamieńczyk Waterfall are just a sample of what awaits us in this unique region. Here, every step is a chance for a new adventure. In addition to spending time actively on mountain trails, we can also count on an aesthetic and culinary feast. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens with nearly 30 historic sites to visit, where you can enjoy delicious regional cuisine, is open to us.

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Attractions in the Giant Mountains

From Dwór Korona Karkonosze, you can walk to Prince Henry's Castle, to the Miraculous Spring at the Chapel of St. Anna, the temple of Wang in Karpacz and to the Podgórna waterfall and the gorges of the Mya River in Przesieka or to the Czerwona Valley. And also to the Witosza Mountain in Staniszów and the famous Patelnia. A short trip by car or bike will allow us to visit the entire Valley of Palaces and Gardens and get to the ski lift to Kopa and then to Śnieżka.

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Sosnówka near Karpacz

Sosnówka is a historic summer resort located at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains on the lagoon of the same name. It is not as well known and popular as Karpacz. And this is its great advantage! The picturesque location, lack of crowds of tourists and the so-called advertising allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains.

Here, nothing hides the beautiful mountain panoramas. You can really feel the atmosphere of the Karkonosze village, especially since the buildings of Sosnówka have remained almost unchanged since the houses were erected by their former builders. Of course, over the years the town has grown and the old buildings have been given modern amenities. However, they have not lost anything of their charm!

The main road winds along a swift mountain stream, Sośniaka. The stream flows through the entire village and feeds the reservoir located here. In addition to the mountains and the lagoon, there are also other attractions, such as the altar in the Church of St. Martin, the ruins of Prince Henry's Castle or the Happy Spring at the Chapel of St. Anna.

Sosnowka Reservoir

One of the biggest attractions of Sosnówka is the huge reservoir of the same name, i.e. the reservoir Sosnówka.

This is an artificial water reservoir, opened in 2001. Its creation greatly changed the landscape of the village. The lagoon is an emergency source of drinking water for Jelenia Góra, and at the same time it is a retention reservoir. The idea of making Sosnówka a recreational reservoir is still being considered, which would certainly increase the attractiveness of both the town and the entire region. The Sosnówka Reservoir is fed by the waters of three nearby streams: Czerwonka, Sośniaka and Podgórna.

Zalew Sosnówka is just a few minutes' walk from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. It is a truly picturesque place where you can admire the beautiful landscape of the Karkonosze Mountains reflected in the water in peace and quiet.

View of Sosnówka from the lagoon