Attractions in the Giant Mountains

Nature, sport, history, art or cuisine - what interests you? Or maybe relaxing on a sun lounger in the garden? Crown Court - everyone can develop their passions here!

Chojnik Castle, a destination for integration events near Jelenia Góra

Attractions for you

Many opportunities to spend time actively are the key to satisfying every participant of the trip. Ski routes, walking routes, company field games, rafting on the river. Culinary tournaments, beer feasts, dumpling making workshops, gingerbread decorating workshops, bread baking and many more!

  • attractions in the Giant Mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, Sosnówka near Karpacz

    Attractions for the active

    We all know that movement is health! For lovers of summer and winter sports, trekking, rafting, kayaking, a rope park, paintball, skiing, sledding and downhill will be ideal. The Giant Mountains offer many opportunities to spend time actively. You will not be bored with us!
  • Attractions for gourmets

    Culinary... This is one of those pleasures that hardly anyone can resist. AIPA DKK is a craft beer drawing on the best brewing traditions. Our unique coffee comes from Costa Rica, the home of the best coffees. Excellent taste of fruit and vegetables without artificial additives - this is how our unique jams, preserves and syrups are made. We recommend home-made products!
  • Attractions for lovers of slow life

    Relaxing in a hammock, birds singing, a good book, a view of the mountain peaks and the lagoon Sosnówka - what more could you ask for? Maybe a walk to the nearby forest lakes. Or picking flowers in the meadow or a yoga session in the garden. These are simple pleasures that allow us to calm down and soothe the senses.
  • attractions in the Giant Mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, Sosnówka near Karpacz

    Attractions for the creative

    Leisure or the parties company trips in the mountains do not have to mean only trekking. We invite you to board game tournaments, pun games or themed parties - even in the style of the 1920s! We also recommend scenario games, for example playing detectives or treasure hunts. Or DIY workshops that are so popular now.
  • Attractions for socialites

    If you like the company of other people and are eager to make new friends, our Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is created just for you! We focus on the integration of guests - we encourage you to spend time together in the Ballroom, Fireplace or in the garden by the fountain or bonfire. We have a mini library, and at a fixed time we invite you to dance together.
  • Attractions for the talented

    Sometimes we dream of returning to long-forgotten passions... Maybe we played in an amateur theater in high school? Or paint watercolors at home? We invite you to music, painting, dance and theater workshops. Let's unleash your talents!
  • Team building, rafting

    Attractions for adrenaline lovers

    Do you like adrenaline? If so, the mountains are the perfect place for you! Downhill, rock climbing, rafting, zorbing, off-road rallies and bungee jumping are just some of the attractions for those who like to feel the thrill.
  • Attractions for the mentally active

    There will always be guests who would rather move their heads than their legs. Enthusiasts of gaining knowledge, training, solving mental puzzles. We organize themed games and scenario games, for example, solving a crime mystery or building a Goldberg machine together.

Giant Mountains for 4 seasons

Spring, summer, autumn, winter… All seasons are beautiful in the mountains. If you can't resist the magic of snowflakes spinning in the glow of lanterns and stars, then let's choose a winter trip. We always succumb to the spell of fiery autumn leaves? Let's see the Giant Mountains in autumn. Above all, we love the sun and we are not afraid of heat? A summer holiday in the mountains will be wonderful! Or maybe it is only in spring that we feel that we are really alive? We wake up from a long winter sleep with birds and flowers, full of energy and verve? Let's go to the Giant Mountains in spring.

couple in love on a winter trail in the Karkonosze Mountains mountain stream near Sosnówka near Karpacz attractions of the Giant Mountains, attractions of Karpacz and its surroundings, holidays mountain forest in winter View of the Śnieżka peak from Sosnówka, Karkonosze the reservoir in Sosnówka, views towards Śnieżka Chojnik Castle, in the background on the right, the reservoir in Sosnówka near Karpacz View of Sosnówka and the lagoon

Slow life attractions

It's worth enjoying every little pleasure in life. Let's enjoy the moment, for example by soaking our feet in a waterfall or gorges of a mountain stream. Let's admire the amazing views from the top of the mountain or the medieval tower. Lying on a mountain meadow, let's watch the moving clouds and their changing shapes. Let's check if the energy of nature flowing from the chakra on the nearby Frying Pan works on us. And the Miraculous Source at the chapel of St. Let's give Anna a chance to settle all love issues for us. And all this in a slow rhythm...