Court Ballroom

One of the highest in the region - over 9 meters!

wedding hall Lower Silesia

Court Ballroom

This charming place is perfect for romantic evenings and social meetings. The representative character of the hall is emphasized by its height (9 m!). The Court Ballroom is a perfect place to organize weddings, banquets and corporate events.

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Court Ballroom

The restored Court Ballroom is one of the most beautiful and tallest in the region.

Our hall is distinguished by a beautiful white wooden vault suspended 9 meters above the parquet floor. Plus large arched windows overlooking the Rose Garden and Fountain Café. The whole is complemented by an original wooden dance floor against the background of carmine walls, as if created for dancing.

We are continuing a beautiful tradition, because 100 years ago, weddings were also held in our hall. The great advantage of such a high ballroom is greater comfort (better air circulation) than in lower dance halls. Stylish candlesticks, elegant lanterns and English fruit platters complement the unique decor of the room. We serve dishes on the beautiful Porcelain Ćmielów. The Court Ballroom has an internal mezzanine, the Library Café, which can accommodate 40 people. Direct access to the garden and the Rose Café enables contact with nature.

This charming, elegant and stylish place is perfect for romantic weddings and wedding receptions. All your dreams will come true here!

Details of the Court Ballroom
170 people
Room capacity
200 m2
Hall area
9 m
Hall height
Table layout

Our advantages

Our Court Ballroom impresses with its original appearance. All its architectural elements, created with extraordinary craftsmanship a hundred years ago, have been preserved and meticulously renovated. Spacious semi-circular windows, wooden ceiling structure and original parquet floor allow you to feel like in the era of their creators. In addition, the internal mezzanine - the Library Café - and the spacious entrance to the garden and the Golden Room give a lot of arrangement possibilities and arrange the event in any style.

Café in the Rose Garden

Over 4,000 reviews

Craft beers

Court Ballroom

200 dishes to choose from

Stylish rooms

Exquisite cuisine

Cafe Library

Place of celebration

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is an unusual place on the map of native wedding venues. We put emphasis on the highest quality of implementation in every, even the smallest detail. A very important issue for us is the cuisine and the taste of the meals we serve. We also adhere to the principle that guests are the most important, which is why we will take care of the comfort of your rest with the utmost care. That is why we can be proud of the name of the Place of Special Moments.

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Not everything can be described. A delicious dish must be tasted to feel its taste. The aroma of coffee, wine or a summer garden is also fleeting. The atmosphere and mood is only here and now. See our photos, although it is only an introduction to extraordinary experiences.
Come and visit us and you will feel it fully!

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  • Stylish Wedding Manor

    Located in the heart of the mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a perfect place for a stylish and romantic wedding. Young couples come from various corners of Poland and the world to experience this extraordinary day here. We invite you to the Place of Special Moments!
  • Beautiful gardens

    Our beautiful gardens with over a hundred species of plants will delight everyone! We will find here the Benches of Love, the Center for Outdoor Events and the Rose Garden with a fountain. In the middle of the gardens, there is the Pearl in the Crown, a special gazebo on a hill overlooking the Karkonosze Mountains, where beautiful civil and humanist weddings take place.
  • A cafe in the rose garden

    The café in the rose garden with a fountain is a romantic corner that is perfect for a wedding reception or after-party in the open air. Wedding guests often sit here to rest for a while during the wedding party or a walk around our gardens.

Customers opinion

Over 4,500 written references for a wedding venue. Every year - over 70 weddings. Thank you for your trust!

  • Thank you for a wonderful stay in such a lovely place. We hope to see you sometime. Greetings from Pruszków

    Kamil, Agata, Zuzia and Wiktor. 09/01/2023
  • Thank you DKK for a great time. Thanks to you, the organization of the wedding was stress-free. Pure pleasure and 100% professionalism! Thank you for all your help..

    Agatha and Martin. 09/01/2023
  • This place, these people are what I expected to organize the most important day of my life!
    You met my expectations! You are the best ! I recommend it with all my heart!
    Thanks again for everything

    Darek and Asia, September 2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonoszy was the first place we saw in terms of arranging a wedding reception. And the last one. Kasia's professionalism convinced us instantly that this would be the best place for that day. And we were not wrong! The ceremony took place last week, everything was perfect! The place of the ceremony looked fabulous, the food at the wedding was tasty, the service was very polite and efficient, the rooms were clean and very interestingly decorated. We are very pleased, and so are our guests. The fun lasted 3 days and no one wanted to go home! Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere and professionalism. The place is unique and we will certainly visit Sosnówka on all anniversaries. The service creates a unique, friendly atmosphere. Special thanks to Kasia, Mrs. Magda from the night shift and Paweł - Warthog first class!🍻
    Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Martyna and Piotr, August 2022
  • The hotel is really great. The rooms are nicely decorated and each has a theme, e.g. carnival. The breakfast is very nicely prepared and tastes very good.
    We attended a friends wedding at this hotel. Especially with the garden it is a great location for a wedding.

    Severin, 07/2022
  • Wonderful place 😊 Our wedding took place in the garden. It was beautiful. Everything was buttoned up. Great service perfect food. The guests are delighted. Communication at the highest level, thanks to Kasia, we felt taken care of and exceptional :)) A helpful person with whom we immediately got in touch with.
    I definitely recommend this place: 😊

    Berry, 10/2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonosze organized a wonderful, unforgettable wedding for us. The service deserves nothing less than 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ with a big ❤️.
    Thank you 😊

    David, 07/2022
  • A great place for outdoor weddings and receptions. Extensive well-kept lawn overlooking the mountains. The interiors of the hotel are decorated with an idea, where each floor and room has its own unique character and style. We had a costume room on the theater floor. Nice and helpful staff. I recommend!

    Catherine, 07/2022
  • Everything great! Professional, nice, great surroundings and a beautiful garden :) A perfect place to organize a wedding or other celebration. Great food and own beer, I recommend!

    Martha, 08/2022
  • As the Groom gives 10 out of 5 stars.
    The organization of a wedding that everyone is so afraid of in DKK is limited to making a list of dreams :)
    Wonderful service, the help of the organizer invaluable and the satisfaction of guests unprecedented.
    I recommend

    Matthew, 06/2022
  • A beautiful, atmospheric place. Very interesting interiors, beautiful, very carefully maintained garden.
    Delicious food, prepared with fresh, high-quality products.
    In addition, very friendly service. As a guest at the wedding party, I had a great time.
    Thanks and greetings to the entire DKK Crew.
    See you soon, I hope

    Derek, 06.2022
  • We just got back from a beautiful wedding. A wonderful place, complemented by cordial and helpful service. Madam Coordinator for a medal! Foresightful, kind, smiling, always nearby. It gave great comfort to the Bride and Groom on this important day. All this meant that the guests had a great time until dawn. I recommend with all my heart, nice memories for the rest of my life. Thank you!
    Ola, 12/2021

    Ola, 12/2021
  • A fairy-tale wedding! Full professionalism and commitment from start to finish. Everything turned out as we wanted and even better. We kept hearing from guests that this was the best wedding they've ever been to 😊😊😊. The entire staff of the Court are wonderful people. Special thanks to Ms Kasia! She was with us from start to finish. Lovely person ❤. She helped us plan and organize everything as we dreamed. Great atmosphere, magical place and amazing views ❤. Delicious food, beautiful rooms and service at the highest level. On behalf of myself and my parents, we thank you with all our hearts! You are the best 🤩.

    Joanna, 08/2021
  • Our wedding in DKK took place on July 31 and today we can say that it is undoubtedly a place of special moments .... It's all thanks to the wonderful people who work there, you are wonderful ❤ professional and kind service, we felt taken care of from Friday to Sunday 😉 The chef who is responsible for the kitchen is a master 😁 everything was delicious!!! Kasia is an Angel 👼, she puts so much heart into this work. And we feel connected with DKK with our hearts 😁 Two years ago we were guests at our friends' and we liked this place so much that we chose it for our own wedding. Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone the wedding twice, Kasia's help was priceless. DKK offers such a wide range of possibilities for organizing a wedding, wedding, after-party that everyone will find a dream place there, we found it and we do not regret it !!! If I could relive that day over again, I wouldn't change ANYTHING. Thank you from the heart for a beautiful wedding ❤

    Anna, 07/2021
  • Organizing a wedding with DKK is as easy as breathing. Kasia is a very professional and competent person in the right position. The food was a masterpiece, our guests could not help but be amazed. Thanks to DKK our stress was reduced to a minimum. We knew that the fate of our wedding was in the best hands. We cordially greet all the staff who were working like in the heat - a great job, you can always rely on you. We hope that we will have the opportunity to visit DKK again in the future.

    Malvina 07/2021
  • I recommend highly. I had the great pleasure of participating in the wedding ceremony. A big bow and of course "chapeau bas" to all of you from the service. I am extremely impressed with the service and professionalism, thanking you for the wedding ceremony that I had the pleasure of experiencing in this wonderful place. Thank you Mrs. Kasia for looking after you and I cordially greet you and I will definitely see you again.

    Slawek, 06/2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a great place for an unforgettable wedding. Full professionalism and great commitment from the first contact with Mrs. Kasia (who led us with a smile and without stress through all stages of preparation) until the moment when the delighted guests left home after a wonderful after-party (the DKK team helped us pack all the drinks and dishes that we stayed after the wedding). We are very grateful to you, you are wonderful!

    Jacob, 06/2021
  • 16) Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is worth recommending in many respects. A beautiful landscape, a beautiful garden where you can organize a wedding, barbecue, etc. Interesting, atmospheric, clean interiors. I'm moving on to more and more important matters: delicious, rarely seen such good food, for sure the best Silesian noodles and pork knuckle of my recent years, and I could "take away stars" from other restaurants for these dishes ;). For several decades, for professional reasons, I have been to various premises many times a month, hence, in my opinion, an objective reference point ;). Unbelievable, rare, such a great pleasure of cooperation. Over-hospitable owners. High-class, professional and most importantly, truly cordial, devoted to their work, flexible, wise, and at the same time modest managers Mrs. Kasia and Mrs. Agnieszka. Ladies created to work with people. They help at every step, they sacrifice every cell of their bodies and minds for the sake of events and a common cause, without tug of war, who is more important, who does a better job. They know how to control the organization and employees without losing any of their heartfelt humanity. I would also like to commend Mrs. Monika-waitress, who looked after us directly on various levels with great commitment.
    Thank you.

    Agnes, 07/2020
  • "Thank you very much for your help with our wonderful wedding. The wedding service was very professional and dedicated. Food, of course, at a high level, delicious! We recommend it! Justyna and Kuba

    Justyna and Kuba
  • We would like to thank you from the heart for a beautifully organized wedding, for help at every stage, for support and excellent coordination. Without you, this day, one of the most important in our lives, has become even more beautiful. It was great <3

    Young couple
  • We would like to thank you from the heart for a beautifully organized wedding, for help at every stage, for support and excellent coordination. Without you, this day, one of the most important in our lives, has become even more beautiful. It was great <3 Agnieszka i Łukasz Łuczakowie z Rodzicami i Przyjaciółmi P.S. Dużo całusów dla Darii, Kasi, Roberta i Marka. Dziękujemy również Właścicielom. 27.10.2018

    Young couple
  • And my son's communion was wonderful, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food, nice service. Thank you.

    Matilda and Paul