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Crown Court – A Place of Special Moments

The restored Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a place where we have completed over 1,200 projects partiees. Stylish apartments, atmospheric lounges and cozy rooms. One of the tallest ballrooms in the region. Over 200 dishes to choose from. Own brand of craft beer and coffee. Over 100 species of plants in the gardens. 113 attractions for events. And this is only part of our offer. You're welcome!



We invite you to watch our movie!

A beautiful mansion in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains

This story begins in the Giant Mountains - we invite you to the Place of Special Moments!
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We have completed 1,200 events!

Parties are our specialty! We organize unforgettable, extraordinary weddings company events and successful family gatherings. We have already organized over 1,200 events for companies, weddings and family celebrations. Comprehensive event organization - script, transport, 113 attractions, accommodation, over 200 dishes to choose from, bands, DJ, set design and other elements.

Thank you for 4,500 written references and certificates from satisfied customers.

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Beautiful gardens

The beautiful gardens of Dwór Korona Karkonosze in Sosnówka near Karpacz contain over 100 species of plants. They will delight even the most demanding guests! We will find in them the Love Benches, the Center for Outdoor Events and the Rose Garden with a fountain. In the middle of the gardens there is Pearl in the Crown - a unique place among flowers, with a view of the Karkonosze Mountains, where beautiful weddings civil and humanities.

The café in the Rose Garden can accommodate up to 80 people and has a direct entrance to the Court Ballroom. From our gardens there is a panorama of the Karkonosze Mountains, the Chojnik Castle and the ruins of Prince Henry's Castle.

Outdoor event with barbecue, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, Sosnówka near Karpacz view from the garden Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz flowers in the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor in Sosnówka near Karpacz wedding in the garden, outdoor wedding barbecue, catering for a company outdoor event, cooking workshops blooming trees, around the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor Sosnówka near Karpacz flowers in the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor in Sosnówka near Karpacz gazebo in the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Court in Sosnówka near Karpacz flowers in the garden, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz blooming flower in the garden of Dwór Korona Karkonosze garden and lawn, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor in Sosnówka near Karpacz blooming flowers in the garden of Dwór Korona Karkonosze butterfly in the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor in Sosnówka near Karpacz an atmospheric garden in the evening, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz catering at an outdoor event in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz view from the garden of the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor in Sosnówka near Karpacz blooming flowers in the garden of Dwór Korona Karkonosze meat poured with craft beer, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz outdoor event atmospheric garden, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz

Attractions in the Giant Mountains

Karkonosze Mountains - mountains of great possibilities! Śnieżka, Mały and Wielki Staw, Śnieżne Kotły, Kamieńczyk Waterfall, Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba. Here, every step is a chance for a new adventure. In addition to spending time actively on mountain trails, we can also count on an aesthetic and culinary feast. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens with nearly 30 historic sites to visit is open to us.

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy in Sosnówka near Karpacz is not only an example of original local architecture, but also wonderful gardens and excellent regional cuisine.

view from above on the tower of Prince Henry's Castle and the reservoir in Sosnówka Chojnik Castle, a destination for integration events near Jelenia Góra the reservoir in Sosnówka, views towards Śnieżka The Karkonosze Mountains in the background Chojnik Castle and the Lagoon in Sosnówka Prince Henry's Castle in Sosnówka near Karpacz Ruins of Prince Henry's Castle in Sosnówka near Karpacz The Valley of Palaces and Gardens, around Sosnówka Chojnik Castle, in the background on the right, the reservoir in Sosnówka near Karpacz In the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, near Sosnówka In the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, near Sosnówka Prince Henry's Castle in Sosnówka attractions Karkonosze, Wang, Karpacz and the surrounding area church of st. Marcin in Sosnówka rock band in the mountains View of Sosnówka and the lagoon In the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, near Sosnówka Temple of Wang, Karpacz Karkonosze, surroundings of Karpacz -Schronisko-Samotnia, Mały and Wielki Staw mountain stream near Sosnówka near Karpacz Zalew Sosnówka near Karpacz, view from the side of the Chapel of St. Anna

Apartments, lounges and stylish rooms

With us, each room is different. Each in a unique style. We create a place of magical metamorphosis for you. Here you can be whoever you want. Feel this unique atmosphere!

We cordially invite you to Dwór Korona Karkonosze in Sosnówka near Karpacz.

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  • golden suite, suite for the bride and groom, luxury hotel room with bathroom and bathtub

    Golden Suite

    We invite everyone who wants to feel special, even royal in our rooms, to this unique interior. The combination of white and gold gives the effect of tasteful elegance with a touch of luxury and a touch of glamor. And bathing in a bathtub with a view of the mountains is a unique experience...
  • accommodation Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, corporate events, weddings

    Botanical Suite

    Enjoy a cup of aromatic tea in the stylish interior of the Botanical Apartment. This is the largest apartment in Crown Court, with an additional, private terrace! Botanical inspirations can be seen both in the decorations - floristic engravings taken from old herbaria, and in the general colors of the interior. Our guests are happy to take pictures in this beautiful interior.
  • rooms in Sosnówka, accommodation in the Giant Mountains, accommodation near Karpacz

    Lounge with Butterflies

    The original elements of the interior design create an interesting and coherent whole. Gold and graphite colors and stylish equipment impress the guests - many of them consider this lounge to be the prettiest!
  • accommodation Sosnówka, Karpacz, rooms in the Giant Mountains

    The Snow Queen's Lounge

    Welcome to the magical world of fairy tales! The Snow Queen's Lounge will appeal not only to the youngest guests. Also many adults will be happy to move to a dream land where everything is possible, just like in a fairy tale! Who would have thought that white could have so many shades...
  • rooms in Sosnówka, accommodation in the Giant Mountains, accommodation near Karpacz

    Sun lounge

    The radiant, bright colors of the Sun Lounge are best emphasized by the brilliance of the natural sun. It's impossible not to smile in this salon! It makes you feel positive throughout the day.
  • a stylish lounge in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Sosnówka near Karpacz

    Photographer's lounge

    Not only for photo enthusiasts! We are sure that each of our guests will feel great in a stylized lounge from the beginning of the era of photographic madness. It is an ideal space for contemplation and rest after a lavish wedding.
  • stylish hotel room, lounge, accommodation Karpacz, Sosnówka

    Rural Idyll

    Many of our guests consider this room to be one of the most interesting. A washboard for hand washing and a "wedding monitor" from the 1950s are just some of the original design elements of this interior. We invite you to a fantastic journey into the past, to the times of our grandparents' youth and we offer a moment of blissful relaxation in Wiejska Sielanka.
  • salon, Sosnówka rooms, accommodation in the Karkonosze Mountains, wedding hall in Lower Silesia, wedding in the mountains

    Music Lounge

    A violin case, a trumpet and images of composers are just some of the furnishings of this very elegant, yet cozy living room, decorated in maroon and gold colors. Beautiful wallpapers perfectly emphasize the character of this unique interior.


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These beautiful photos show only a substitute of what awaits you here. Charming interiors, spacious gardens and a phenomenal cafe. In addition, this unique atmosphere and nice people!

We cordially invite you to Dwór Korona Karkonoszy in Sosnówka near Karpacz.

Select an album and press the 'View' button to view all photos.

  • Stylish Wedding Manor

    Located in the heart of the mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a perfect place for a stylish and romantic wedding. Young couples come from various corners of Poland and the world to experience this extraordinary day here. We invite you to the Place of Special Moments!
  • blooming flowers in the garden of Dwór Korona Karkonosze

    Beautiful gardens

    Our beautiful gardens with over a hundred species of plants will delight everyone! We will find here the Benches of Love, the Center for Outdoor Events and the Rose Garden with a fountain. In the middle of the gardens, there is the Pearl in the Crown, a special gazebo on a hill overlooking the Karkonosze Mountains, where beautiful civil and humanist weddings take place.
  • tables in the garden with the Sosnówka fountain near Karpacz

    A cafe in the rose garden

    The café in the rose garden with a fountain is a romantic corner that is perfect for a wedding reception or after-party in the open air. Wedding guests often sit here to rest for a while during the wedding party or a walk around our gardens.

Customers opinion

Over 4,500 written references. Thank you for your trust!

  • Early Stage (English for Children and Youth) thank you very much for a wonderful time with you. You are a wonderful place with a wonderful atmosphere, great people who were very helpful to us. Your food is delicious. And this area… Thank you! – Tonia and Adam (owners of Early Stage)
    Early Stage, 18/04/2024
  • Ivent Hoffman Schroff Poland Dzierżoniów Electrifying the Future.
    Hasta la vista baby!! We`ll be back!
  • A huge thank you to the KORONA KARKONOSZY team
    for wonderful service, solving every problem, commitment and understanding. We will remember you fondly
    TEAM IMPEL 30/11/2023
  • Thank you for a great time, great fun and delicious food
    AUTOCAM TEAM 18/11/2023
  • Was great!!! Extra THX :) PS The best service
    KGHM TEAM 15/11/2023
  • Thank you for the great integration. It was delicious and creative.
    Smart Work Team 15/10/2023
  • Thank you for your stay, great fun, extra tasty food
    and nice service :)
    SECO/WARWICK TEAM 08/10/2023
  • Thank you for 3 days of great fun. If you have a corporate event, only in DKK.
    We will come back here again.
    We highly recommend it.
    Atlantis team 01/10/2023
  • A great time at a company event.
    Mr. Paweł rocks :) You were great!! Thank you
    KMB TEAM 01/10/2023
  • Lovely atmosphere, great circumstances, great hosts.
    Thank you very much for a great time.
    PLANIDIS TEAM 16/09/2023
  • Thank you for great fun! Best regards, Mr. Paweł
    and Szczepan, a wonderful place.
    We would like to thank the hotel staff for the beautiful reception and delicious food.
    We will come back :)
    TRANSBROKERS TEAM 07/09/2023
  • This is an amazing place! Beautiful interiors, friendly service
    and great atmosphere. Thank you for providing us with an exceptional experience.
    KRUK SA August 30, 2023
  • Thank you very much for our company's wonderful integration event.
    It was wonderful, great service, great Olympics.
    Best regards, INNEX 22/10/2023
  • Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. You are cool!

    Great place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    We recommend it to everyone!
    Monilith Polska from Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • What's wrong with not RANDSTAD and room 29 :)
    Thank you!
    Ps. Greetings to Mr. Paweł!
    RANDSTAD 16/06/2023
  • Thank you very much for an unforgettable and wonderful stay!
    Very nice service, delicious food and unforgettable experiences!
    We will definitely come back here!
    PS. Special thanks to Mrs. Kasia for organizing and pampering us :) and Mr. Paweł for these fries :D
    MR JOB team 13/02/2023
  • Thank you for a wonderful stay in such a lovely place. We hope to see you sometime. Greetings from Pruszków
    Kamil, Agata, Zuzia and Wiktor. 09/01/2023
  • Thank you DKK for a great time. Thanks to you, the organization of the wedding was stress-free. Pure pleasure and 100% professionalism! Thank you for all your help..
    Agatha and Martin. 09/01/2023
  • Fantastic, explosive, absolute party. The power of good, unforgettable emotions. Thank you for the perfect organization, great food, great atmosphere.
    Beata and Omar - KING OF BAL.U. January 30, 2023
  • The ball will always remain in our memory! Nothing like having fun in the company of a bishop, pirates, Arab sheikhs and aristocracy. Great service and organization - always happy to come again.
    Agnes and Janusz. January 30, 2023
  • Thank you for the wonderful time spent in a nice atmosphere and great company.
    Karolina and Mariusz and Anita and Darek (Wolsztyn) 30/01/2023
  • Wonderful place. Great party.
    December 11, 2022 Dringenberg Sp. z o. o. Poland
  • I am very positively surprised by the level of service. I organized here integration trip - in a very quick and pleasant way we managed to determine and arrange all the details, Mrs. Kasia, with whom I cooperated, is very kind...
    3LP, 06/2022
  • I had the opportunity to organize an integration trip in October.
    We went to Dwór Korona Karkonosze.
    Organization - went very smoothly thanks to Mrs. Kinga ;)
    Very charming place, tasty food.
    It was a very nice stay - Thank you.
  • At the Dwór Korona Karkonoszy hotel, we organized a 3-day corporate integration event - on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary.
    Great email and phone contact. Even at the last minute, we decided on a photographer and videographer. Thank you 😊😊😊
    Many thanks also to Mrs. Agnieszka, who helped us day and night,...
    Involt Group 11/2022
  • Wonderful place! Dwór Korona Karkonosze is a beautiful facility, located in a charming area. The place has a soul and when it comes to the atmosphere in the facility, it is second to none. Professional service in every respect. We felt taken care of by all means 🤩
    I recommend highly !
    Saint Gobain
  • A sensational two-day training trip. Hotel very clean. Delicious breakfast, very good lunches and an excellent dinner combined with tasting of local products. Plus coffee breaks with a delicious homemade cake. Hotel service at the highest level. The manager is a very professional and kind person. To such places with such hospitality and cordiality...
    Arizta, March 2022
  • This place, these people are what I expected to organize the most important day of my life!
    You met my expectations! You are the best ! I recommend it with all my heart!
    Thanks again for everything
    Darek and Asia, September 2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonoszy was the first place we saw in terms of arranging a wedding reception. And the last one. Kasia's professionalism convinced us instantly that this would be the best place for that day. And we were not wrong! The ceremony took place last week, everything was perfect! The ceremony venue looked fabulous...
    Martyna and Piotr, August 2022
  • The hotel is really great. The rooms are nicely decorated and each has a theme, e.g. carnival. The breakfast is very nicely prepared and tastes very good.
    We attended a friends wedding at this hotel. Especially with the garden it is a great location for a wedding.
    Severin, 07/2022
  • Wonderful place 😊 Our wedding took place in the garden. It was beautiful. Everything was buttoned up. Great service perfect food. The guests are delighted. Communication at the highest level, thanks to Kasia, we felt taken care of and exceptional :)) A helpful person with whom we immediately got in touch with.
    I definitely recommend it...
    Berry, 10/2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonosze organized a wonderful, unforgettable wedding for us. The service deserves nothing less than 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ with a big ❤️.
    Thank you 😊
    David, 07/2022
  • A great place for outdoor weddings and receptions. Extensive well-kept lawn overlooking the mountains. The interiors of the hotel are decorated with an idea, where each floor and room has its own unique character and style. We had a costume room on the theater floor. Nice and helpful staff. I recommend!
    Catherine, 07/2022
  • Everything great! Professional, nice, great surroundings and a beautiful garden :) A perfect place to organize a wedding or other celebration. Great food and own beer, I recommend!
    Martha, 08/2022
  • As the Groom gives 10 out of 5 stars.
    Wedding organization which everyone is so afraid of in DKK is limited to making a list of dreams :)
    Wonderful service, the help of the organizer invaluable and the satisfaction of guests unprecedented.
    I recommend
    Matthew, 06/2022
  • A beautiful, atmospheric place. Very interesting interiors, beautiful, very carefully maintained garden.
    Delicious food, prepared with fresh, high-quality products.
    In addition, very friendly service. As a guest at the wedding party, I had a great time.
    Thanks and greetings to the entire DKK Crew.
    See you soon, I hope
    Derek, 06.2022
  • We just got back from a beautiful wedding. A wonderful place, complemented by cordial and helpful service. Madam Coordinator for a medal! Foresightful, kind, smiling, always nearby. It gave great comfort to the Bride and Groom on this important day. All this meant that the guests had a great time until dawn. I recommend with all my heart, nice memories...
    Ola, 12/2021
  • A fairy-tale wedding! Full professionalism and commitment from start to finish. Everything turned out as we wanted and even better. We kept hearing from guests that this was the best wedding they've ever been to 😊😊😊. The entire staff of the Court are wonderful people. Special thanks to Ms Kasia! She was with us from start to finish....
    Joanna, 08/2021
  • Our wedding in DKK took place on July 31 and today we can say that it is undoubtedly a place of special moments .... It's all thanks to the wonderful people who work there, you are wonderful ❤ professional and kind service, we felt taken care of from Friday to Sunday 😉 The Chef who is responsible for the kitchens...
    Anna, 07/2021
  • Organizing a wedding with DKK is as easy as breathing. Kasia is a very professional and competent person in the right position. The food was a masterpiece, our guests could not help but be amazed. Thanks to DKK our stress was reduced to a minimum. We knew that the fate of our wedding was in the best hands. We cordially greet all...
    Malvina 07/2021
  • I recommend highly. I had the great pleasure of participating in the wedding ceremony. A big bow and of course "chapeau bas" to all of you from the service. I am extremely impressed with the service and professionalism, thanking you for the wedding ceremony that I had the pleasure of experiencing in this wonderful place. Thank you Mrs Kasia...
    Slawek, 06/2022
  • Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a great place for an unforgettable wedding. Full professionalism and great commitment from the first contact with Mrs. Kasia (who led us with a smile and without stress through all stages of preparation) until the moment when the delighted guests left home after a wonderful after-party (team...
    Jacob, 06/2021
  • 16) Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is worth recommending in many respects. A beautiful landscape, a beautiful garden where you can organize a wedding, barbecue, etc. Interesting, atmospheric, clean interiors. I move on to more and more important matters: delicious, rarely seen such good food, for sure the best Silesian dumplings and pork knuckle of my recent...
    Agnes, 07/2020
  • Perfect place!
    Nice and helpful staff, great chef!
    Beautiful garden and rooms.
    I want to go back there.
    Alexander, 09/2022
  • Beautiful hotel with atmosphere, charming garden, very helpful staff and nice owner! Delicious food, silence, cozy rooms. I recommend!
    Anna, 10/2022
  • We are very pleased! the food was delicious, although it was in the buffet, but a man also has to move. not just sit at the table and eat. All staff is helpful, they will stand on eyelashes to make everything right 🤩
    Kasia, 10/2022
  • Beautiful place, friendly atmosphere and always smiling staff. The food is delicious and of very good quality. The garden is amazing, the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine. I highly recommend!
    Tamara, 07/2022
  • Friendly and committed staff Tasty and varied breakfasts Animal-friendly hotel Possibility to rent board games Champagne and refreshments for guests in the lobby Charming facility located in beautiful surroundings Possibility to buy local products Bonfire with sausages and mulled wine for all guests :)
    Marta, 11/2021
  • I recommend it to anyone looking for a rest in the mountains :)
    Tomasz, 11/2021
  • The facility at a high level, both staff, rooms, cleanliness and meals. Breakfast in the form of a buffet, knocked out the variety and freshness of products. Additional attractions prepared for guests, welcome sandwiches and wine are also worthy of praise. The Facility staff surprised us with an evening bonfire with sausages and mulled wine,...
    Paul, November 15, 2021
  • Delicious breakfasts; service - extra; climate rooms; pampering guests to the max - welcome lemon, smile of the staff, discreet readiness to help; "rescue" when I sprained my leg; even though it was only 2 days and our stay at the resort was only for breakfast and after returning from the trails - we felt taken care of. Well done to the hosts and thanks...
    Elizabeth, August 2022
  • Great place with atmosphere, charming hotel, beautiful garden. Very helpful and nice staff, amazing owner (thank you very much for the nice surprise)! Food very tasty, dinner from the boss at the highest level!
    Anna, 08/2022
  • Nice and involved service. A welcome treat in the form of champagne and snacks, which was an interesting gesture for us. I recommend staying in this place, plus a large secure parking lot and charming surroundings around the facility.
    Luke, 11/2021
  • "Thank you very much for your help with our wonderful wedding. The wedding service was very professional and dedicated. Food, of course, at a high level, delicious! We recommend it! Justyna and Kuba
    Justyna and Kuba
  • We would like to thank you from the heart for a beautifully organized wedding, for help at every stage, for support and excellent coordination. Without you, this day, one of the most important in our lives, has become even more beautiful. It was great <3
    Young couple
  • We would like to thank you from the heart for a beautifully organized wedding, for help at every stage, for support and excellent coordination. Without you, this day, one of the most important in our lives, has become even more beautiful. It was great <3 agnieszka i Łukasz Łuczakowie z rodzicami i przyjaciółmi p.s. dużo całusów dla darii, kasi, roberta...
    Young couple
  • And my son's communion was wonderful, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food, nice service. Thank you.
    Matilda and Paul

The media write about us

In 2023 alone, the media wrote about Dwór Korona Karkonoszy over 2,000 times. Look!

  • I must admit that the problem of burnout affects more and more people. Companies that employ several hundred people contact us and often mention that they see a decrease in work motivation among both the young generation and employees over 50. Together we are looking for solutions that will help regain work-life-balance, but also make...
  • After-work meetings and integration trips are a very important non-wage benefit. (...) However, integration trips combined with unusual attractions work best - building a Goldberg machine or a culinary tournament led by a famous chef.
    Joanna Hoc-Kopiej,
  • We often witness team members surprising their employers with skills that they have hidden so far. After completing the trip, it turns out that the employee is not only more motivated, but also can find his way in a new, different role, thus using his potential.
    Joanna Hoc-Kopiej,
  • How to organize a successful winter company trip?
    Winter company trip in the mountains

    Everyone asked where they imagine to spend their holidays in winter will answer that in the mountains. The integration of employees in the area of snow-covered mountains and forests may turn out to be...
  • Company organizing events - who do customers want to cooperate with today?

    The safety of events is no longer an expectation, but a necessity - notes Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, an expert from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. – Risk assessment is now a key element of event planning. New technological solutions will appear on the market to help companies organize...
  • When organizing a company event, it is good to do a survey among employees at the beginning. Let's select the most interesting 2-3 places in Poland and let them decide - suggests Katarzyna Bemsz from the Commplace Event Agency. – We notice an increasing interest in corporate events in the mountains. – reveals Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. – They influence...
  • Extreme integration trips. Check out spring trends.
    Rafting in dinghies combines several elements. It is the necessity of cooperation on the water, attractive views, as well as unforgettable moments spent in the company of colleagues - says Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, an expert at Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. – There are many reservoirs in the vicinity of Karpacz, where...
  • All non-wage benefits are greatly appreciated by the young employee. We organize hundreds of integration events a year and we can see how different the young generation is from the people we dealt with just a few years ago. The pandemic has meant that more and more of them want to spend time with their colleagues. They miss outings...
  • Recipe for Easter mazurka with chocolate and nuts.
    Mazurek - an old Polish pastry with a crispy base
    The tradition of baking mazurka dates back to Poland in the 17th century. The shortcrust pastry was then covered with a thick layer of nuts and dried fruit, jam or cottage cheese. The mazurka mass was made in the so-called pots, i.e. ancient stoneware bowls. The saying has been known for a long time...
  • Chocolate mazurka. So delicious that it will disappear to the last crumb
    Mazurkas are usually made of shortcrust pastry, to which, in addition to flour, grated nuts are added. We will use hazelnuts or walnuts.

    Recipe straight from Dwór Korona Karkonosze.
  • Winter wedding – how to prepare.
    A winter wedding session in the mountains is truly amazing. There are also many possibilities, from photos in a snow-covered garden right next to the wedding hall, through outdoor sessions surrounded by snow-covered peaks, to fairy-tale shots...
  • Truths and myths about pasta
    Other questions arise during our pasta selection. It is true that good quality pasta cannot cost a penny. It is also worth paying attention to its color while still in the store. It should be yellow or cream and slightly glassy. The main thing is that it is not broken in the package, because...
  • Can you learn to be a leader?
    – As part of corporate events, we also offer sports competitions. These teach humility, but also cooperation between given people. Leaders who want to improve their skills can prove themselves when selecting teams and planning their tasks. Creative and out-of-the-box thinking is also important. We also have copyright...
  • Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup
    1 kg of pumpkin, 250 ml of coconut milk, 400 g of potatoes, 100 g of onion, 1 l of vegetable or meat broth, sweet paprika, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, nutmeg, butter

    Cut the pumpkin in half, remove the seeds and cut into slices. Place on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes at temperature...
  • What is important when organizing a corporate event for the Y generation? We have some latest insights for you.
    When organizing events, we often forget who we are talking to and to whom they are dedicated - notes an expert from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. - So let's remember to provide our employees with basic tools, such as WiFi. In addition, it is worth considering the option...
  • As much as 40 percent Millennials, i.e. people born between 1981 and 1996, are of the opinion that an unsightly invitation to a corporate event discourages them from participating in it. Every third of them believe that participation in the event is an expression of loyalty to the brand or company they work for1. So what is important when organizing a corporate event...
    4-5 potatoes,! head of garlic, 1 onion, 1/2 carrot, 200 m1 of sour cream, 1 liter of stock (vegetable or beef), salt, pepper, chives, olive oil, cheese Cut peeled potatoes, garlic and carrot into small pieces. Heat the oil in a pot. Fry onions, potatoes and carrots. Finally, add the garlic. How...
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  • Layered herring salad for Christmas. Tastes amazing and looks good [RECIPE]
    Wash herring fillets and cover with cold water. Soak for 60 minutes and then cut into cubes. Boil the beets, potatoes and eggs and then peel them. Onion, cucumbers, boiled and cooled beets and potatoes cut into cubes....
  • Rumors at work. Do you have to fight them?
    Integration trips help you get to know the people we work with. Maintaining good relationships with colleagues also improves team performance, which can translate into the company's financial results. A pleasant atmosphere in the company also affects the well-being of employees....
  • Integration trips in 2023. Trends and directions.
    Companies that organize integration trips want to have a carefully planned budget. Therefore, they are looking for places that will provide them with a price guarantee. We already have some dates booked for 2023. It is an expression of caution and a desire to have something certain in uncertain times -...
  • – Currently, we have many channels through which we can invite our employees to a company event. E-mail is widely used. The invitation then takes the form of gifs, i.e. moving elements. All this to attract the attention of the recipient. In addition, the complete set of information is important. Let's write, therefore, where the event takes place, what kind of hotel it has...
  • Therefore, the bride and groom, choosing a facility that specializes in organizing weddings, will certainly be able to count on valuable advice from a large group of professionals - says Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, an expert from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, who has organized nearly 500 wedding
  • The magic of parties in the mountains works - he says
    Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, expert of the Crown of the Karkonosze Court. A wedding reception combined with a skiing trip or an ice rink is an original proposition for the family and loved ones.
  • The magic of a wedding in the mountains works - she says
    Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, expert of the Crown of the Karkonosze Court. A wedding reception combined with a skiing trip or an ice rink is an original proposition for the family and loved ones.
  • Therefore, wanting to fully emphasize the winter aura, the young couple chooses a wedding hall for the organization of the wedding ceremony, located near the all-year-round or snow-covered slopes. Evening parties by the fire, with mulled wine or beer, are also very popular, adds Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, an expert at Dwór Korona Karkonoszy.