Is it worth organizing corrections?


Many people wonder if it's worth organizing after-party or should it just be a wedding? And if we do, how much will it cost us? In our article, we will try to answer all questions and present arguments for and against.

Aftermath according to old Polish tradition, they take place the day after the wedding and are its natural continuation. This custom refers to the times when the wedding party lasted even several days and was very boisterous. In some regions of Poland, to this day, the wedding is actually planned for at least 3 days, and for the next 4 there are family meetings, bonfires, barbecues. This is to eat the leftovers from the wedding and celebrate this important event until dawn. Such customs come from the local tradition and concern mainly the eastern and southern walls of Poland. However, on the other hand, many people give up organizing corrections. But is it worth breaking with tradition?

Improvements - for and against

One of the main arguments against organizing corrections is the desire to save money. Remember, however, that the price of the wedding itself depends on many factors such as place, date, etc. Many wedding halls offer lower prices for the wedding if the couple decides to organize an afterparty. On the other hand, if you decide to organize an after-party, you can count on a lower price for accommodation. You can save a lot of money with the full package. Deciding to have a wedding, for example on Thursday instead of Saturday, we can save on the after-party. It is also worth noting in what situations we should organize an after-party - e.g. when our guests are from far away and came especially for our party, at mixed weddings (e.g. Polish-English) - in other words - in a situation when we need our guests and so provide accommodation.


How much do corrections cost?

The average price of a reprieve varies from PLN 45 to PLN 70 per person, so making a simple calculation (with 100 guests) we will get approximately PLN 5,500. As you can see, the price of the wedding reception seems small in relation to the price of the wedding, so it's worth treating yourself and your guests to a pleasure: a common breakfast combined with continuing the fun. However, not everyone is happy with the improvements. After a whole night of dancing, guests tend to be tired and they don't want to go crazy again. Instead, they would rather just have a leisurely breakfast, drink good coffee, and go hiking in the mountains.

NOVELTY! Some of the facilities have introduced to their offer MINI REPAIRS, i.e. something like an extended breakfast, lasting, for example, 2 hours. This is an interesting option for people who want to save a bit on post-morning meals. The MINI IMPROVE value is up to 50% of the starting price.

In addition, after such a breakfast, all we have to do is relax and rest. Many young couples organize a trip along mountain trails in a large group of guests or visit nearby attractions and monuments.

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Is it worth organizing corrections?

Coming back to the main question - is it worth organizing corrections? The answer is "it depends". As noted by Joanna Hoc-Kopiej, a wedding expert at Dwór Korona Karkonoszy: “If our budget is really tight to the last zloty, of course there is no point in organizing the after-party by force. However, in most cases, it is possible to save on the wedding itself (mainly by choosing the right date) to be able to organize the after-party as well. It is worth noting that many guests remember the after-party more pleasantly than the wedding itself! This may surprise many young couples, but it is true. After-party is often an opportunity to have fun without stress, more relaxed. The wedding house with a garden also allows for a barbecue in the form of a barbecue. It's a great way to spend time with your loved ones, which we will remember for many years. Is it worth organizing such corrections? I think it's worth it!

Improvements in the form of a grill

It's a way to relax a bit after many weeks of pre-wedding stress. And we are not talking only about wedding guests here, but above all about the Bride and Groom, for whom the wedding is a huge experience and a lot of emotions. The stress that accumulates before the ceremony itself is merciless. One couple experiences it less, the other more. So we can't be surprised that many of them organize their honeymoon right away, simply staying where the wedding took place. That is why the comfort of our guests' stay is so important. 


After partying in the form of a barbecue, the bride and groom can rest and relax after the party. After all, she is the one who dances the most that night. We can also organize other attractions for guests, such as the recently popular prosecco bar or ice cream bar. Refreshment for guests on the second day parties will give them great pleasure. All guests will be able to bask on the sun loungers and sip delicious drinks.

barbecue in the garden

Improvement - which styling to choose?

Styling is very individual. If the after-party takes place in the wedding hall, both ladies and gentlemen can choose slightly looser cuts of dresses and suits. Gentlemen's casual stylizations will certainly work for this type of occasion, but they will also be a perfect complement to the barbecue. As always, dresses will work for ladies, but they should certainly be much less ball or evening dresses.


Jumpsuits have been very popular in recent times for the second day of celebrations. This type of clothing can be very elegant and comfortable at the same time. However, the barbecue in the form of a barbecue should not be worn with high-heeled shoes that would stick to the ground. These shoes don't fit the circumstances at all. In this place, flat shoes and even sandals will work, if the season will harmonize with them.

post-wedding fixes

make corrections? Guest reviews

If you have a huge dilemma related to the organization of the after-party, take into account the opinion of your loved ones who will be guests at the wedding. You can also ask other guests what their attitude to the organization of the after-party is while handing out the invitations. Then you will have a clear picture of the situation, who will appear on possible corrections and who will not. Then you will know exactly whether such corrections are worth organizing for you. Perhaps in your case the variant with a ceremonial breakfast in the main role will work.

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