Errant Rocks

Errant Rocks is a geologically unique complex of rock blocks located in the Stołowe Mountains. Skały is a famous attraction of the Central Sudetes region and a must-visit place when traveling to the south of Lower Silesia.

Where are Errant Rocks located?

Errant Rocks rise at an altitude of 853 m above sea level in the Stołowe Mountains National Park near the Polish-Czech border. The towns of Karłów and Kudowa-Zdrój are located in the vicinity of the park. The unique natural rock formation is sometimes referred to as the "rock labyrinth" or "rock city". Phenomenal corridors were created as a result of the so-called rock weathering. As a result of physical and chemical activities over thousands of years, the cracks of the Upper Cretaceous sandstone occurring in these areas have gradually widened.

Errant Rocks - access by car

Traveling by car to Errant Rocks you can get to road 387, it's called The Road of a Hundred Curves.

The rock labyrinth can be one of the points on the map of the Stołowe Mountains National Park, because many trails run through it: the Main Sudety Trail, the blue trail Szosa Stu Zakrętów, the green trail Kudowa-Zdrój or the educational path "Active protection of the ecosystems of the Stołowe Mountains National Park".

Just wanting to get around Errant Rocks it is best to make a full circle, leaving the car park along the red trail, go through the labyrinth and then return to the parking lot along the green trail - such a trip should take about 1 hour, depending on how long it takes to admire the rocks. In winter, it is worth following the information on admission to tourist trails, because it happens that the park authorities limit entry to the trails due to icing.

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How much for the entrance?

As the rock city is located within the Stołowe Mountains National Park, admission tickets are required. Entrance to the route to Errant Rocks it costs PLN 12 - a normal ticket and PLN 6 - a reduced ticket. Children up to 7 years of age and holders of the Big Family Card have free admission. For those traveling by car, there are two parking lots to choose from. Paid parking is located at the top, at the entrance to Errant Rocks. The cost of parking is PLN 30 for passenger cars, and PLN 70 for coaches. There is also a so-called car park. "downstairs" which is free.

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