Samotnia shelter – a mountain oasis of peace

Samotnia shelter is one of the oldest mountain shelters in Poland. It is located in Kocioł Mały Staw in the Karkonosze Mountains and constantly attracts tourists.

The Samotnia shelter has been welcoming for centuries

The first mention of the Samotnia nad Mały Stawem shelter dates back to 1670, when the shelter was a rather modest shack by a pond, to which a path led from the area of today's Karpacz by Złotówka. There lived a guard who looked after trouts belonging to the owners of these lands - the Schaffgotsch family. It is believed that the first owners of the shack at the pond came from the Schuder family, which made its living by breeding goats.

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When in 1866 the railway line from Jelenia Góra to Wrocław and Berlin significantly influenced the development of tourist traffic, the owners of the Karkonosze kennels noticed the potential and the need to expand their property. Karol Häring took up the development of Samotnia. Unfortunately, due to progressive impoverishment, in 1891 he had to sell his cottage to a commercial advisor from Miłków - Henryk Richter. The price was 4,000 thalers and a large herd of cattle. The new owner continued the expansion of "Samotnia". It was Richter who was responsible for the appearance of the symbol of Samotnia - the turret and the bell cast in Jelenia Góra.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Józef Bönsch leased the shelter for several years, and then Richter sold it to Franciszek Kraus, who further modernized the facility. From 1927, the shelter was run by the famous German athlete Paul Haase, together with his wife Gerda. At that time, the shelter was a thriving winter sports center. The last German owner of the shelter was Franz Hövel.

After World War II, several managers passed through the shelter, including: Stanisław Staroń, Zbigniew Pawłowski, and Cezary Marcinkowski. In June 1966, Waldemar Siemaszko - a legendary figure in the Karkonosze Mountains - began to manage Samotnia. Samotnia then experienced a real boom and became the most awarded shelters and tourist facilities in the country.

A place where a lot is happening

The first biological sewage treatment plant in the Sudetes was built here, the heating system was modernized from coal to oil, and one of the rooms was adapted into the only self-service ski facility in the country. In addition, a garage for the first Canadian snowmobile in the Karkonosze Mountains was built, and the laundry and kitchen were modernized. Unfortunately, in February 1994, the car Siemaszko was driving fell from a slope several meters high.

Currently, the shelter is named after him: PTTK Samotnia Shelter. Waldemar Siemaszko at Mały Staw. After these tragic events, the family tradition of running "Samotnia" was maintained by his wife - Sylwia. In 1975, with further investments in mind, it was planned to transform the shelter into a mountain museum. Nevertheless, it still serves tourists and mountain lovers.

Samotnia Shelter – the area is stunning at any time of the year

Organized here, among others: skiing competitions for the "Solitude Cup", film reviews, diving competitions for the "Blue Ribbon of Solitude" and skiing "Spring Slalom" and "Chocolate Slalom". The initiatives undertaken by the shelter's visitors for the development of this place were so numerous that the most dedicated tourists began to be awarded the title and badge of "Meritorious for the Shelter".

What does the Samotnia shelter offer to tourists?

The PTTK Samotnia shelter currently offers 50 beds in 1-8-person rooms and full board. The shelter also organizes various types of special events, weddings, parties corporate events, cultural and sports meetings. The building also houses a Tourist Information Point, a Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, a buffet and even a climbing wall. The shelter has permanent access to the Internet, which is available to its guests thanks to a local WiFi radio transmitter.

The Samotnia PTTK shelter is considered the pearl of Lower Silesian mountain shelters. It is famous for its cozy atmosphere, rich history and truly home-cooked cuisine. It is open all year round and can only be reached on foot. The pond on which "Samotnia" is located is 255 meters long, 185 meters wide and 6.5 meters deep. The water table is located at an altitude of 1,183 m above sea level. The shelter is 12 meters higher.

How to get to the shelter?

You can reach the Samotnia shelter by following the blue trail from Wang Temple (which takes about 1 hour) or go down from Strzecha Akademicka (which takes about 10 minutes).

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