Jelenia Góra – a city worth visiting

Jelenia Góra is the undisputed capital and the gateway of the Karkonosze Mountains. It is located in the northern part of the Jelenia Góra Valley, on the Bóbr River. The city is surrounded by the Kaczewskie Mountains, the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains and Rudawy Janowskie. However, it is not only the surroundings of Jelenia Góra that delight tourists. The city itself also has quite a lot to offer. There are castles, palaces, museums and many other unique monuments here. The list of attractions is so diverse that everyone will certainly find something for themselves.

Jelenia Góra is a city full of history and perfectly preserved monuments. The city area was surrounded by defensive walls with towers and entrance gates. It commanded respect even from a distance. Today it delights with its warmth and openness to tourists and adventure seekers.

What is worth seeing while in Jelenia Góra?

In the very center of the city there is a large one Town Hall Square, which proudly displays the impressive town hall and numerous cafes and restaurants, creating a unique atmosphere of this place. Within the old town there is a monumental medieval one St. Basilica Erasmus and Saint Pancracy. Inside there is an impressive 22-meter high altar. Near the church you can admire the tomb chapels and the statue of St. Jan Nepumocena. The impressive temple is also worth attention Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. 54 meters high and 74 meters long, it houses numerous baroque decorations, a historic pulpit and an organ that delights with its color and sound.

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When in Jelenia Góra, it is worth visiting the restored one Lomnicky Palace, which has been converted into a hotel. The place delights with both its architecture and richly decorated interior. The palace also houses a museum full of historical treasures. Adjacent to the palace is a wonderful garden and a bustling farm.

One of the most important monuments in the Jelenia Góra area is 700 years old The Prince's Tower in Siedlęcin, which is surrounded by the picturesque Bóbr Valley. Inside the tower, there are proud paintings of medieval knights, including the figure of Sir Lincelot of the Lake. It also deserves tourists' attention Dwór Czarne, which was built in the 16th century and its architecture resembles a castle surrounded by a moat. Currently, it houses the headquarters of the Ecological Culture Foundation and the Ecological Education Center.

City of museums

There are numerous museums located in the city, including: modern Karkonosze Museum, where you can thoroughly learn about the history and rich tradition of the entire region. It is worth attention Natural History Museum, which includes over 47,000 facilities - including: cross-sections of trees, rocks, minerals, shells, insects, as well as dermoplastically prepared birds and mammals.

Lovers of literature and culture will certainly be delighted City Museum located in the house of a German Nobel Prize winner – Gerhard Hauptmann's villa, where symposia, workshops and classical music concerts are regularly organized. While in Jelenia Góra, it is also worth visiting the iconic monuments Kargul and Pawlak Museum in Lubomierz, where scenes from the movie were shot, and today, instead of beloved characters, hero dolls are arguing by the fence. In turn, there is a former military unit in Jelenia Góra Army Armament Open-Air Museum. Military enthusiasts will be delighted by the rich exhibition of heavy weapons, cannons, rocket launchers and the opportunity to see an armored personnel carrier up close.

Jelenia Góra is also an excellent viewpoint

It is located within the city Glider Mountain – the highest peak of Mały Grzbiet, where a glider was created at an altitude of 561 m above sea level. This is an ideal place not only for fans of glider flights, but also an area where numerous cultural events are organized. From the top we can admire both the panorama of the city and the entire Jelenia Góra Valley.

Another great vantage point is "Mushroom" – observation tower on Krzywousty Hill. From the top of the tower there is a view of the city and the Karkonosze Mountains. Jelenia Góra is a perfect starting point for mountain hiking enthusiasts Karkonosze National Park. We have many trails of varying difficulty levels at our disposal. The nature reserve includes phenomenal glacial cirques and many natural monuments. It also delights with its flora and fauna. In places it resembles a truly fairy-tale landscape.

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