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What setting of the tables at the wedding to choose - this question is asked by many young couples. Once you've decided on a specific wedding hall, it's time to choose the rest of the details, e.g. table layout. The subject seems to be simple, but if you think about it a bit, it turns out that the wrong arrangement of tables can spoil the best-prepared wedding. How is this possible?

Imagine this situation. You are guests, and the wedding is exceptionally numerous. You got a table in the corner, behind a pillar, where it's so cramped that you don't feel like squeezing through the whole room. So you sit in your place, although you had plans to integrate with your long-unseen uncle. Or you have so little space that your legs ache after a few moments. Anyone would be in a bad mood. That's not what a wedding is about!

So read on for some tips on how to set tables and seat guests at a wedding so that everyone has a good time.

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Wedding table setting options

LONG, SINGLE TABLE. A frequent solution for smaller weddings and small halls. Unfortunately, such a choice is not conducive to integration, guests can only talk to a few people on the sides and opposite. As our wedding expert Joanna Hoc-Kopiej advises: “in this situation, it is better to choose the option of several round tables. We seat guests according to age and mutual sympathy. E.g. a table for friends, immediate family, extended family, children, etc.”
LONGITUDINAL TABLES arranged horseshoe or letter L. This is a classic solution, good for both smaller and larger weddings. The middle, central table is intended for the Bride and Groom. Then the parents of the bride and groom, witnesses, closest family and friends. ATTENTION! When seating guests, remember the principle of woman - man - woman - man. 

LONGITUDINAL TABLES arranged in parallel. An increasingly used system. However, remember to leave free space for our guests to move around. The table of the Bride and Groom and the immediate family is set perpendicularly to the rest of the tables, so that the Bride and Groom are the focal point. The room is divided into two halves: a place for rest, conversation, meals and toasts, and a place for dancing.

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ROUND TABLES banquet style. A very interesting and extremely popular setting in the last season. Remember, however, that this option will fit slightly fewer people, so this solution is recommended for smaller weddings. If the guests do not know each other very well, there is a risk that they will only play in small groups at their tables and will not integrate.

Table setting at a wedding and social contacts

For many young couples, setting the tables at the wedding is one of the most difficult elements of the entire party. They spend a lot of time on the whole concept, and at the end they are so tired that they set the tables for the wedding completely randomly. However, it should be remembered that a wedding is the type of event where not only the newlyweds have a great time, but also their guests. Their well-being will directly affect the reception of the entire ceremony, so let's remember about a few aspects, the most important of which are family relationships.

Due to the manners and respect for guests, we should not seat people in conflict close to each other. Neither for them nor for people sitting close to it, it will not be a comfortable situation. Let's try to seat them so that they don't feel uncomfortable or rejected. Then they would feel offended and misunderstand the intentions of the bride and groom.

Therefore, family members in conflict should not be seated in the two extreme parts of the room. Keep them far apart, but not too far. We shouldn't have this problem if we have round tables for a wedding. Then it is enough to seat such guests at separate tables. However, if we have rectangular tables, let's leave them some space, preferably so that the distance between them is comparable to seating 6-8 guests.

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Round tables for a wedding - risks

Let's remember that there is one problem when choosing round tables. Well, in the central part, where the bouquet is usually located, you cannot cover the face of the guests. Rectangular tables for a wedding save us from this problem, because we can arrange the compositions at the height of the gap between the guests. At round tables, we must ensure that guests can talk freely. Therefore, flower arrangements must be either very tall or very low.

The perfect place for a wedding and reception?

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Tables for a wedding

If you are considering tables, first ask yourself what style your party is in. if it is party in the glamor style, round tables are perfect. Long tables will suit rustic or country weddings.

Contrary to appearances, rectangular tables limit our integration with others, because we can communicate freely only with about 6 people. For the rest, we have to lean out and shout. Round tables give us the freedom to talk to virtually anyone at the table, so we have 10 to 12 people at our disposal. However, it is on the dance floor that the greatest integration should take place!

Regardless of the wedding table plan we choose, remember to allocate a table for the staff and the band. We seat elderly people, disabled people and children close to the toilet and so that they have easy access to the room. We also advise you to set up a table arrangement plan in front of the entrance, so that everyone can be sure that they are sitting in their right place :)

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