Rudawy Landscape Park

The Rudawy Landscape Park is located in the south of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, on the border of the Central and Western Sudetes. The massif of the Rudawy Janowskie, the Ołowiane Mountains and the Sokole Mountains are located within it.

Rudawy Landscape Park it is characterized by a very diverse form of the main mountain ridges that lie within it. The area abounds in rock formations that are famous for their beauty. Nevertheless, it is also because of them that the region has a lot of mining pits - remnants of centuries of mining activity in this area.

Rudawy Landscape Park is an area where there are many protected species of fauna, such as the black stork or brook lamprey, as well as flora, such as valuable communities of peat plants, which can be found in Janowice Wielkie or Trzcińskie Wetlands. The forest area alone occupies 57% of the park area.

The area of the landscape park is also rich in many historical buildings worth visiting. On the occasion of hiking in the Rudawy Janowskie, it is worth visiting the ruins of the Sokolec Castle or Bolczów Castle from the 14th century. Within the park there are also many historic urban centers worth visiting, such as: Jelenia Góra, Janowice Wielkie, Kowary or Wojanów.

Rudawy Landscape Park - information for tourists

Wanting to explore Rudawy Landscape Park the educational path "In search of the peregrine falcon" is best suited for this purpose. The route of the path leads through the granite peaks of the Sokole Mountains, and has its beginning at the Karpnicka Pass, along the green and blue trails, from where it leads to the Szwajcarka Shelter and further to Sokolik Duze.

Another interesting route is the educational path "Colorful little lakeswhich leads to the Colorful Lakes in Wieściszowice. The route starts from Purple Lake and leads to Wielka Kopa. Large area Rudawy Landscape Park it's also worth going around by bike. 3 long-distance trails run through the park:

  • The Piast Castles Trail marked in green,
  • International Route E3 marked in blue,
  • one of the larger routes - the Main Sudety Trail, marked in red.

Directions from Dwór Korona Karkonosze:

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