Piast Castle

The Piast Castle in Legnica is a showcase of the city as well as over 750 years of history. All this makes this building one of the oldest of its kind in Poland.

Piast Castle is one of the first brick strongholds in Poland. It was built at the end of the 12th century, during the times of the Silesian prince Henry the Bearded. The medieval stronghold that was created at that time included a couple of brick buildings, including a palatium, and two towers - St. Hedwig and St. Peter.

Piast Castle over the centuries it was expanded by its owners. In this way, new wings of the castle were built with a courtyard in the middle, fortifications. A clock tower was also built and the facade of the castle was rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style. The multi-layered history of the castle was obliterated during the destruction it suffered in May 1945. The castle was rebuilt in the years 1960-1970.

Piast Castle - information for tourists

Since the building contains library and schools of various profiles, Piast Castle it is open to visitors seasonally. From April 23 to October 30, it is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. However, in the other months, sightseeing is not possible. Free sightseeing includes: the castle chapel, the tower of St. Peter with a viewing terrace and the tower of St. Hedwig.

Piast Castle is part of the magnificent urban complex of Legnica. The old part of the city is focused on the market square with the huge Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The Old Town Hall is adjacent to the cathedral, connected to the beautiful Teatr im. Helena Modjeska, and in the church of St. John the Baptist is the Piast Mausoleum. They were erected in the 17th century in honor of the last of the Silesian Piast dynasty - Jerzy Wilhelm and his dynasty.

When visiting the city, it is also worth visiting the branches of the Copper Museum, including the Knights' Academy. The city is distinguished by the picturesque Herring Tenement Houses from the 16th century. Another symbol of the city's architecture is the beautiful House under the Quail Basket, decorated with sgraffito decoration. There is a paid parking zone in the center of Legnica, which is worth bearing in mind when looking for a place to leave your car.

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