Incentive trips for companies: tips for organizers

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Incentive trips for companies: map

Well-planned incentive trips for companies contribute to better sales results. They can also be treated as a form of reward for employees, sales networks, partners or customers. The itinerary of the trip includes unusual attractions, which gives the participants a sense of uniqueness. Check out how to organize an amazing motivational journey!

Why is it worth investing in incentive trips for companies?

How do you show employees that you really appreciate them? Plan incentive trips for companies. In this way, you will build a positive image of the employer, thus not only reducing the employee retention rate, but also attracting talented candidates. Participants declare that such trips made them more involved and loyal. 

How to organize incentive trips for companies?

What to do to make incentive trips for companies bring the expected effect? First, think about why you want to organize them. Are you going to reward the best employees in this way? Do you want to give them a good time, so that they can forget about the pressure on her for a while? Or maybe you're looking for a way to improve relationships within your team. By answering this question, you will make a good trip plan. 

Are you wondering what to do to make incentive trips for companies memorable for a long time? You can prepare surveys for employees to determine their preferences. 

How to plan a trip?

Incentive trips for companies usually last 5-7 days, but of course it largely depends on the budget and destination. Consider whether you want to organize them yourself or prefer to use the services of a travel agency. If you decide on the second solution, check if the company specializes in this type of trips.

Regardless of whether you plan your trip on your own or outsource the task to professionals, make sure that the resort you choose offers a variety of sports and recreational activities. Thanks to this, you can be sure that every participant will have a great time. When preparing the scenario, make sure that it includes both integration games and free time, where everyone can do whatever they want.

Incentive trips for companies: integration

How to effectively motivate employees?

You're looking for a way to make a living team motivation? Although research shows that financial instruments play a key role, it is also worth organizing on a regular basis parties company, training and conferences. In this way, you will build the image of a company that cares about its employees. 

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to plan an unforgettable one integration event for employees. If you find yourself in a similar situation, use our tips. First of all, choose a theme that will appeal to all participants. You can organize a traditional party with delicious food, stronger drinks and live music. If you want to show your team that you appreciate creativity, plan a costume party or retro party. When organizing incentive trips for companies, think about interesting attractions for your team. In this way, you will not only improve the mood of your colleagues, but also introduce a great atmosphere in the team. 

How to prepare an incentive trip?

How to plan successful incentive trips for companies? When preparing the trip scenario, take into account the age, gender, interests, lifestyle, fitness and abilities of the participants. As for the deadline, most often entrepreneurs bet on spring or early autumn. 

On the other hand, some industries, such as real estate development and construction, usually organize such trips in the winter. In this way, they do not have to worry that incentive trips for companies will interfere with the busy schedule of employees. If you decide to travel in the off-season, it will be easier to find the right resort for your team.

Do you want to organize an unforgettable incentive trip?

Write what you need and we'll take care of the rest!

Incentive trips for companies: tips for the organizer 

Before you plan incentive trips for companies, set your budget. Remember to save at least 20% for unexpected expenses.

Wondering what exercises to choose for motivation workshops? If you have noticed a decrease in employee productivity, you can organize a party with a Goldberg machine in the lead role. The proposed device consists of various mechanisms, where one element drives the other. Incentive trips for companies it is an ideal opportunity for the team to take part in integration games. Divide participants into teams of several people, and then encourage them to build a machine consisting of blocks, gears and various elements. In this case, the following skills count:

  • communication,
  • delegating and monitoring tasks,
  • organization of work,
  • time management.

Where to organize an incentive trip?

Wondering how to choose a destination? Consider the date, budget and number of participants. Try to keep a balance between sports and leisure activities and business activities. Before you book a hotel or guesthouse, you should first visit it. Check if the object meets your standards and the reality does not differ from what you found on the website.

Are you looking for a way to appreciate your employees? Or maybe you want to encourage them to further professional development? Integration trips for companies are the perfect solution. In this way, you will thank the team for achieving the goals, and thus increase their loyalty and commitment.

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