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Dwór Korona Karkonosze!

Our specialty is comprehensive organization partiees corporate – from the idea, through the selection of original and proven attractions, to the effective implementation of the plan!

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a place where everyone will feel special, thanks to which they will be happy to open up to building a strong team! We offer dozens of ready-made event scenarios and a number of attractions, the dynamics of which we adjust to the individual preferences of our guests.

Ciekawy event firmowy Poznań? Jesteśmy na wyciągnięcie ręki!

The meeting is the beginning!

Cooperation is a success!

What does your team need?

We reveal our way to company events – Poznań, jesteście gotowi?

We have on account over 1,150 corporate events organized for clients from Poland and abroad. We are distinguished not only by an attractive location and stylish scenery, but above all original ideas for spending time togetherthat integrate even really demanding teams of people.

Our strength is locality - we serve local delicacies and show how to prepare regional beers, pastries and cheeses! We are not afraid of challenges – we organize unforgettable pontoon trips, balloon flights, bungee jumping and off-road trips.

We respect the needs of all guests – we offer immersive scenario games, handicraft workshops and the parties themed.

Tailor-made corporate events!

Jak skutecznie zintegrować zespół? Zapewnić pracownikom atrakcyjny wyjazd, podczas którego rozwiną swoje umiejętności i i wzmocnią więzi międzyludzkie! Profesjonalnie zorganizowane imprezy dla firm z Poznania skutecznie odstresują pracowników i dostarczą im pozytywnej energii do dalszej pracy.

Only a strong and committed team builds the competitiveness and durability of every company!

Over 25 years of experience have taught us the right approach. Even very demanding teams always come back satisfied. By choosing our offer, you receive the constant care of a dedicated event manager who reacts on an ongoing basis not only to external factors, but also to the atmosphere inside the group.

Something for adrenaline seekers

Na eventy firmowe Poznań to może być za mało? Niech to będzie prawdziwa przygoda. Spływ pontonem raftingowym lub kajakiem, skoki na bungee, rajd off-roadowy, wspinaczka skałkowa, downhill, lot balonem lub helikopterem – attractions organized by Dwór Korona Karkonoszy provide a huge dose of adrenaline! It is also an original idea to enjoy the beauty of the area from a completely different perspective.

The opportunity to test yourself in extreme circumstances is an unforgettable experience and a great tool for building bonds in the group. It is worth taking the risk and joining the fun to feel the real thrill!

Something for lovers of slow life

Handicraft workshops, craft beer brewing demonstrations, tastings of local preserves are just some of the ideas to return to the roots and long-forgotten passions! With our help you will unleash the hitherto hidden potential of your employees and you will let them effectively calm down and soothe their senses. Company Events Lubin mogą temu nie sprostać.

Peaceful walks, relaxing in a hammock, picking flowers in the garden, or music and art workshops are simple pleasures that we miss so much every day. If they are accompanied by the opportunity to taste the delicacies of the local cuisine - nothing else is needed to be fully happy!

cherry jam prepared in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Something for everyone

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy was created for those who value fun in good company. Our ballroom, fireplace room, cafe and garden are the perfect space for original theme parties, e.g. in the luxurious style of the 1920s or the extravagant style of the 1980s. Nothing integrates better than dancing together until dawn!

An additional element of fun on the dance floor can be various types of scenario games. Solving mental puzzles together will effectively energize those who prefer to move their heads rather than their legs.

Give people the freedom to act and they will surprise you with their ingenuity!

Reservoir in Sosnówka near Karpacz

Gdzie organizować eventy firmowe Poznań? Oczywiście w Dworze Korona Karkonoszy!

Eventy w Poznaniu? W Karkonoszach atrakcje turystyczne znajdziesz na każdym kroku! To idealne miejsce spacerów, wspinaczek lub podziwiania świata z lotu ptaka. Magia Karkonoszy zachwyca turystów z całego świata.
Trails leading to Śnieżka or Hala Szrenicka are a real feast for lovers of mountains whose peaks are beautifully reflected in the surface of the Lagoon Sosnówka. Numerous monuments - castles, chapels and churches attract not only lovers of history and architecture. Many of them are ancient sources of power that can be drawn upon to this day.

  • Chojnik Castle _integration events Jelenia Góra

    Chojnik Castle

    The ruins of a brick castle from the 14th century, located on the Chojnik hill (627 m above sea level) above the district of Jelenia Góra, are one of the biggest tourist attractions of the region. From the most popular resorts, beautiful and picturesque routes lead to it, which can be covered on foot or by car. Due to its location, the Chojnik Castle remained unconquered for many centuries. In 1675, it was destroyed by a fire that appeared as a result of a lightning strike. Today, it is an excellent vantage point to admire the Karkonosze Mountains, the Izerskie Mountains, the Kaczawskie Mountains and the entire Jeleniogórska Valley. Tourists are particularly impressed by the 150-meter-high cliff that descends along the castle to the so-called Hell's Valley.
  • Karkonosze Karpacz-Schronisko-Samotnia-z-gory


    This most popular resort in the region attracts record crowds of mountain lovers. Hundreds of walking trails, a rich base of attractive meeting places. interesting architecture, and above all, the openness and cordiality of the inhabitants make Karpacz a perfect place for active recreation. In Karpacz, it is worth visiting the Court Inn from 1735, the Solitude Shelter, a hunting lodge, a former railway station, over 200-year-old tourist houses, charming churches and wooden shelters. The convenient location and excellent communication of Karpacz also allows you to comfortably visit all the neighboring towns.
  • Sosnówka reservoir, Sosnówka near Karpacz, tourist attractions, Karkonosze Mountains

    Sosnowka Reservoir

    This artificial water reservoir, located at the foot of the phenomenal peaks of the Karkonosze Mountains, was created in the place of former fish ponds. A walk to the lagoon from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy takes only a few minutes, and the route allows you to admire the wonderful views along the way. One of the streams supplying the Sosnówka Reservoir is Sośniak, the final course of which is hidden underground. Part of the lagoon is limited by a concrete dam and embankments, the highest point of which reaches 370 meters. As the lagoon is a source of drinking water for nearby towns, swimming is prohibited on the lake.
  • view of Śnieżka peak, Karkonosze

    Śnieżka and mountain trails

    Climbing Śnieżka is considered by many to be iconic. The peak with a height of 1603 m above sea level is the highest peak not only in the Giant Mountains, but in the entire Czech Republic. The area of Śnieżka is a national park, so you can move around it only on marked trails. It takes about 3 hours to reach the top. The Karkonosze National Park is not only Śnieżka. Particularly noteworthy are the waterfalls: Kamieńczyk, Szklarka and Podgórna, as well as Śnieżne Kotły, i.e. two twin post-glacial rock formations separated by a rocky Grzęda.
  • Good Source at the Chapel of St. Anna

    It is one of the most interesting objects of sacral tourism. St. George's Chapel Anny is located on a forested slope of a 784-meter-high summit. The chapel has a very interesting, elliptical shape. It was built in such a way that the altar was located exactly above the place where the spring flows from the rock. The altar itself was brought from the chapel of St. Lawrence on Śnieżka. According to archaeologists, this place was worshiped already in Neolithic times.

Wyróżnia nas perfekcyjna organizacja eventów firmowych Poznań. Każdy z pewnością doceni kompleksowość naszej oferty!

Dostrzegasz skuteczność narzędzia budowania zespołu, jakim są eventy firmowe? Poznań stanowi dla Ciebie bezpieczną przystań, ale Ty pragniesz pokazać swoim pracownikom coś więcej? Dwór Korona Karkonoszy to z pewnością Miejsce Chwil Wyjątkowych!

According to many of our guests, company events organized in Dwór Korona Karkonoszy remain in the memory forever! This is the result not only of the selection of unique interiors, intriguing apartments and stylish rooms. It is primarily the professionalism of the crew that creates a unique atmosphere here.

Over 25 years of experience has allowed us to develop a system of comprehensive organization of events, fully tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes. We offer help already at the stage of selecting the right attractions from the database of over 100 possibilities. Based on a pre-selected leitmotif, we prepare ready-made event scenarios that take into account the preferences of all participants. With our support, you can choose attractions for both adrenaline fans and lovers of quieter entertainment.

We work only with proven subcontractors, which is why we guarantee the highest quality of our services and a professional approach to every element of a good corporate event - from sound equipment and lighting, through catering, to gadgets for guests.

We specialize in phenomenal themed balls and attractive team-building games. The spaces we have at our disposal enable us to organize an unforgettable corporate event for both a few and several hundred guests. We have hundreds of tools at our disposal to help build strong, supportive, loyal and effective teams. With our help, you will create a dream team!

Team building, rafting

Company team building statistics confirm that employee satisfaction increases by up to 50% when surrounded by people they are friends with. By nurturing these relationships, organizations can make significant improvements.


Recepta na udane eventy dla firm? Poznań docenia pomysłowość!

Each team is different, and our goal is to select attractions in such a way that the-party integration surprised and satisfied the needs of all guests.

Do you want to improve interpersonal relations in your company? Do you want to strengthen the loyalty of employees and the sense of joint achievement of the goal? Have you decided that employees will forget about their duties for a while and gain strength for new challenges? Would you like to thank the team for co-creating your brand on a daily basis?

Event firmowy Poznań to naprawdę skuteczny sposób, by zrealizować te wszystkie cele!

Eventy firmowe Poznań? Postaw na współpracę!

Do you want to bring out new layers of creativity from your team? One of the tools is building a Goldberg machine together – a device that, using the domino effect, presents a sequence of simple mechanical actions. This machine is a symbol of human ability to achieve spectacular effects.

A similar effect can be obtained when playing puzzle solving in pre-selected scenario games. The team divided into smaller groups must show cleverness, logical thinking and knowledge to solve a given problem together. Just like at work? Well, not exactly! An interesting plot and arrangement make the whole process much more attractive and teach proper and effective communication.

team building, Goldberg machine, integration during training, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, Sosnówka

Bet on healthy competition!

Sport competition has accompanied us since the dawn of time. Healthy competition builds bonds and promotes individual development. Properly motivated employees are much more effective and more creative.

Games and activities prepared as part of the company games show how to effectively use your strengths to achieve your goals. During sports competition, employees get to know other team members better, which allows them to better use their potential after returning to work.

team building, company integration, company events, company games

Niezapomniane eventy firmowe Poznań? Wybierz Dwór Korona Karkonoszy!

8 reasons why it is worth organizing a company event with us

Dwór Korona Karkonosze is a place of special moments! This is the result of 25 years of intensive work of specialists in their fields, for whom guest satisfaction is a priority!

2000 sq m of space

We offer our guests the most beautiful and stylish rooms, interiors and gardens in the region.

Guest trust

Over 1,150 organized events, over 4,500 written testimonials, over 3,500 positive media publications.

Regional specialties on the tables

Kitchen inspired by the idea of "slow food", offering over 200 delicacies that will satisfy all taste buds.

Convenient location

The breathtaking and well-connected area has been attracting guests from all over the world for years!

Over 100 original attractions!

Ability to set up a fully personalized event that meets the needs of all attendees.

Stylish spaces

Comfortable accommodation in the most beautiful natural surroundings!

Dedicated event manager

Constant care at every stage of the event - from creating the concept to preparing souvenirs from the trip!

Proven subcontractors

Behind our success is a whole range of experienced and fully committed people with a passion for creating unforgettable memories.

Podstawowe informacje o Poznaniu

Poznań to miasto położone w zachodniej Polsce, nad rzeką Wartą. Jest to piąte co do wielkości miasto w Polsce i stolica województwa wielkopolskiego. Poznań ma długą historię, sięgającą ponad tysiąc lat, i pełen jest zabytków oraz miejsc o dużej wartości kulturowej.
Jednym z najważniejszych symboli miasta jest Stary Rynek, który jest jednym z największych i najpiękniejszych rynków w Europie. Znajduje się tam wiele zabytkowych budynków, w tym Ratusz, który jest jednym z najstarszych i najważniejszych zabytków Poznania. W pobliżu Starego Rynku znajduje się również katedra, która jest jednym z najważniejszych zabytków architektury gotyckiej w Polsce.
Poznań słynie również z Międzynarodowych Targów Poznańskich, które są jednymi z największych targów w Polsce i odbywają się regularnie od ponad 90 lat. Targi przyciągają licznych przedstawicieli biznesu z całego świata i są ważnym centrum handlowym i wystawienniczym.
W Poznaniu znajduje się również wiele muzeów, w tym Muzeum Narodowe, Muzeum Etnograficzne, Muzeum Uzbrojenia oraz Palmiarnia Poznańska. Miasto jest również siedzibą kilku renomowanych uczelni, w tym Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza, co czyni je ważnym ośrodkiem akademickim.
Poznań jest również znany ze swoich tradycji kulinarnych, w tym specjalności regionalnych, takich jak pyry z gzikiem (zasmażane ziemniaki z serem) i rogale marcińskie (tradycyjne wypieki na święto św. Marcina).
Miasto jest dynamiczne i rozwijające się, przyciągając zarówno turystów, jak i inwestorów. Bogata historia, zabytki, kultura i aktywne życie gospodarcze czynią z Poznania ważne miejsce na mapie Polski.
Poznań widok z góry
Poznań architektura

Atrakcje Poznania?

Atrakcje Poznania?

Na pewno trzeba poczuć klimat miasta otwartego i przyjaznego. Warto również odwiedzić poznańskie knajpki i wypróbować wielkopolskie smaki. A ponad to klasyka:
Stary Rynek: Jest to jedno z największych i najpiękniejszych historycznych rynków w Europie. Można podziwiać kolorowe kamienice z charakterystycznymi fasadami, a także Ratusz, który jest jednym z najważniejszych zabytków miasta.
Katedra św. Piotra i Pawła: To imponujące dzieło gotyku, które jest jednym z najważniejszych zabytków architektury sakralnej w Polsce. Warto odwiedzić wnętrze katedry i podziwiać jej bogate zdobienia.
Ostrow Tumski: To historyczna wyspa na Warcie, gdzie znajduje się wiele zabytkowych kościołów, m.in. Katedra, Bazylika Archikatedralna pw. Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła oraz Kościół św. Stanisława.
Maltańskie Termy: To nowoczesny kompleks basenów i saun, który oferuje możliwość relaksu i zabawy. Można tam znaleźć baseny termalne, zjeżdżalnie, sauny, jacuzzi i wiele innych atrakcji.
Muzeum Narodowe: Jest to jedno z najważniejszych muzeów w Polsce, które prezentuje bogatą kolekcję dzieł sztuki, w tym malarstwo, rzeźbę, ceramikę i sztukę użytkową.
Rogale świętomarcińskie. Trzeba je spróbować i dekektować się unikalnym smakiem. Można też poznać historię i tajniki wypieku tych słynnych rogali.
To tylko kilka z wielu atrakcji, jakie oferuje Poznań. Miasto ma wiele do zaoferowania pod względem historii, kultury, sztuki, rekreacji i rozrywki, przyciągając turystów z różnych stron świata.

zabytki Poznań
Poznań architektura


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