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There is no need to convince anyone about the modernity and optimistic prospects of Wrocław and the companies operating in it. However, as Wrocław investors and owners care about the performance and well-being of their employees?

Fortunately, the province Dolnośląskie offers many attractions to smaller companies, corporations and establishments looking for a perfect place for a corporate event. This form of integration and recreation has gained well-deserved popularity. Organization parties for employees from Wrocław, Lower Silesia and the whole of Poland is a specialty of, for example, the Dwór Korona Karkonoszy resort in Sosnówka near Karpacz. Due to the unique views, the Giant Mountains are often chosen not only for the organization of corporate events, but also weddings in the mountains. Their magnificent tops look great in photos from both family and company celebrations.

A corporate event can take place virtually anywherebut professionally prepared and carried out gives much better results. Especially if it is corporate event in the mountains!

Do you want to organize a dream corporate event?
Check what your team needs first!

Professionally prepared party company can make your employees not only strengthen ties and improve communication with each other, but also spread their wings for the benefit of the development of your business. If you want to choose attractions for their individual goals and preferences, you need to know what they need and what motivates them.

Corporate events - Wrocław, Szczecin or Warsaw - should be tailor-made events. How do we know about it? We have organized over 1150 corporate events. When you decide to cooperate with us, you receive constant care of a dedicated event manager who reacts on an ongoing basis not only to external factors, but also to the atmosphere inside the group.

  • Team building, rafting

    For adrenaline seekers...

    The Karkonosze Mountains are a truly magical land. If you want to get to know it from a completely different perspective, and test yourself in really extreme conditions, bet on an exciting rafting trip or an equally exciting balloon flight.

    A corporate event in Wrocław is just one of the options. Do you want to provide your group with an unforgettable experience? Go on a thrilling mountain climb or a stimulating off-road rally.

    Take the risk and see how the extra thrill affects the relationships within the group! Going beyond your comfort zones and overcoming your own weaknesses will unleash previously hidden skills that will strengthen you as a team.
  • ... lovers of slow life...

    Mindful and more conscious living allows us to see and understand more. That is why sometimes it is worth calming down and cutting off from the crowd of external stimuli.

    Especially for our guests, we have prepared engaging workshops on the preparation of local delicacies. This is a unique opportunity to discover new passions, unleash the hitherto hidden potential and, if only for a moment, move to the times of simple pleasures.

    Peaceful walks, relaxing in a hammock, learning to play instruments or creating handicrafts are pleasures for which we often lack time on a daily basis. Meanwhile, they effectively soothe our senses and teach us to listen to the inner voice of intuition.
  • ...for everyone!

    Nothing integrates better than dancing together until dawn! parties Are you bored of the corporate ones in Wrocław? We have a space that allows you to organize stylish themed balls and unforgettable scenario games.

    In Dwór Korona Karkonoszy every guest will feel special!

    Luxurious 1920s style parties, crazy fancy dress parties or elegant evenings at the casino - nothing really limits us, not even our imagination!

Corporate events Wroclaw?
Team building with us is a guarantee of success!

Bet on healthy competition!

Skilful team building is an ideal tool thanks to which your employees will be able to present their strengths and consistency in achieving goals.

Using simple mechanisms, we teach "shoot at one goal". In our team building games, we focus on the competition of groups, not individual individuals. Thanks to this, we show the advantages of teamwork and the benefits of careful observation and communication.

Are you wondering what to organize instead of a corporate event in Wrocław?

Dwór Korona Karkonosze is a place of exceptional moments! This is the result of the commitment and work of passionate people for whom guest satisfaction is the most important priority!

Inspiring space

2000 square meters of stylish rooms, magical interiors and phenomenal gardens

Thousands of satisfied guests

Over 1,150 organized events, over 4,500 written testimonials, over 3,500 positive media publications

Kitchen in the "slow food" trend

Over 200 local delicacies of regional cuisine, craft beers and local preserves

Attractive location in the heart of the Giant Mountains

Convenient access that makes us closer than you think!

Ready play scenarios and a rich database of attractions

Over 100 original ideas for building strong and motivated teams

Comfortable accommodation

We offer stylish apartments in the heart of the mountains

Support at every stage of event organization

The constant presence of an event manager who responds to the needs of the group on an ongoing basis

Only proven subcontractors

We ensure that every element of the corporate event will be buttoned up to the last detail

Ready for a corporate party,
that no one has ever experienced? ;)

It's no secret that organizing corporate events it's an art form.

If done correctly, employee retention, job satisfaction and a host of other workplace factors will improve.

Take this challenge - we'll take care of the rest!

I'm in!

What distinguishes our company trips? Wrocław appreciates the richness of our offer!

Are you tired of corporate events in Wrocław? Time for something new! Dwór Korona Karkonoszy provides comprehensive organization of company events. Comfortable and stylish accommodation, catering based on regional cuisine specialities, well-proven attractions of varying intensity - all this has made us a place of truly special moments!

Looking for a place to organize
unforgettable corporate event?

Check what we offer!

We approach every element of corporate event organization professionally. We offer help already at the stage of selecting the right attractions from the database of over 100 possibilities. We have ready-made event scenarios that we flexibly adjust to the preferences of all participants. We work only with proven subcontractors, thanks to which we are able to provide services at the highest level.

Your event in the best hands!

We specialize in phenomenal balls and engaging team building games that strengthen the efficiency, sense of loyalty and trust of team members. The spaces at our disposal enable us to organize unforgettable events for both family businesses and corporations.

We have the tools to help build strong, supportive, loyal and effective teams. We put at your disposal a professional team focused on the success of each company meeting. We provide assistance at every stage of the event and we react to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis.

corporate events - Wrocław, we know how to provide great fun!

We provide comprehensive organization of corporate events - from the selection of the leitmotif, through the selection of appropriate attractions, to the effective implementation of the plan. we offer dozens of ready-made scenarios of integration eventswhose dynamics we adjust to the individual needs and preferences of a given group.

Over 25 years of experience and cooperation with proven subcontractors have allowed us to create a database of over 100 original attractions, thanks to which every corporate event in the open air will be successful. Wrocław, despite its undoubted advantages, can overwhelm with an excess of stimuli. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy allows you to look at the functioning of the organization from a completely different perspective.

Our way to unforgettable corporate events - Wrocław,
Are you ready?

Do you want to improve communication within the group? Do you want your employees to feel properly motivated? Do you want to strengthen trust and mutual interpersonal relations? The ideal tool that will allow you to achieve these goals are properly selected integration events. Wrocław is a meeting place, but it is the opportunity to prove yourself in more extreme conditions that allows you to develop relationships based on honesty and trust.

In the Crown of the Karkonosze Manor we are not afraid of challenges – we organize exciting rafting trips, balloon flights, bungee jumping and off-road rides. However, we respect the needs of all guests, so for those who are looking for less extreme entertainment, we offer addictive scenario games, handicraft workshops and thematic games accompanied by good music. We focus on locality, which is why we treat our guests with local delicacies. We give you the opportunity to see how regional beers, pastries and cheeses are made.

beer AIPA Dwór Korona Karkonosze

Give people the freedom to act and they will surprise you with their ingenuity!

Engaging integration events? Wrocław focuses on originality!

We have proven team building tools. Over 25 years of experience in this field has taught us to flexibly adjust plans to any changing circumstances. We realize that every team is different, and our goal is to select attractions in such a way that integration Party surprised and satisfied the needs of all guests.

Do you want your employees to gain new energy for work? Do you care about better communication in the team? Do you want to work on being more involved in achieving common goals? An integration event based on team building tools is the perfect solution.

Create a team that achieves goals

Corporate events in Wrocław do not bring the expected results? The team building tools we have selected help to effectively relieve tensions within the group and solve problems resulting from improper communication. One of them is building a Goldberg machine - a symbol of human creativity and achieving goals through teamwork.

We have ready-made scenarios of scenario games, which the goal is to build strong teams. We adapt their specificity and degree of difficulty to the needs of a particular group. The team of employees is divided into smaller groups whose members must show cleverness, logical thinking and knowledge to solve a specific problem together.

Wrocław - the city of meetings

Wrocław is famous for its charming architecture, rich cultural life and hundreds of bridges, thanks to which it has been called the Venice of the North. That is why it is so often chosen as a place for office party and weddings Wroclaw.

Fewer people know that Wrocław has the second largest (after Warsaw) budget of income and expenses. Also in terms of income per capita, Wrocław is second only to the capital city. Companies from the automotive, household appliances, chemical, electronic, as well as IT and high technology industries operate dynamically in Wrocław.

Many foreign companies decide to locate their enterprises and factories in Wrocław.

Old Town

During the siege of Wrocław, the city was almost razed to the ground. Even more surprising is how much has been saved. Wrocław impresses with its panorama of church towers and baroque tenement houses with gable roofs.

Even without a sightseeing plan, it is worth taking a walk and admiring the local architecture. Plac Solny impresses with its flower market and the tallest church in the city. Elizabeth with a tower that you can climb if you have enough energy.

A little further, there is probably the best-preserved street in the city - Stare Jatki, located in the old butchers district, where we can find a series of buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

While wandering around Wrocław, it is worth trying to count the dwarfs that can be seen in various parts of the city.

The largest metropolitan market in Poland

Wrocław's Market Square with an area of 3.8 ha is one of the largest not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Like the rest of the Old Town, the Market Square has almost the same layout as when it was planned in the mid-13th century.

Many elements of the architecture, including the rows of colorful tenement houses surrounding the square, required extensive renovation after World War II. The pillory right next to the town hall dates from 1492 and had to be put back together. It is, next to the "Zdrój" fountain and the monument to Aleksander Fredro, one of the three most popular social meeting places in Wrocław.

Ostrów Tumski - perfect for walks

This oldest part of Wrocław was established on a former island on the Oder River. In the 19th century, the branch of the river separating it from the shore was closed to prevent flooding.

When Ostrów Tumski was first developed in the 10th century, the river created a natural defense, and the first brick buildings appeared here in the mid-12th century.

The district is one of the most beautiful to walk around, with a church at every turn and a road lit up at night by authentic gas lamps.

Talent wins the game, but teamwork wins the championship!

A perfect place for company events = Wrocław?
It's time to get to know the Giant Mountains!

Wrocław corporate events usually take place in the city center, which can be limiting and overwhelming - with noise, light, and life in a hurry. The Karkonosze Mountains are an extremely charming land that stretches over several dozen kilometers. Due to its mysterious atmosphere, it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Hundreds of kilometers of fairy-tale trails, rich flora and fauna, architectural gems and phenomenal works of mother nature can surprise even the most experienced adventurers!

Śnieżka, Hala Szrenicka, Lagoon Sosnówka , Śnieżne Kotły, waterfalls and centuries-old chapels, churches and ruins of castles are just some of the points on the map of attractions of the Karkonosze Mountains. Many of them are ancient sources of power, from which strength can be drawn to this day.

Sosnówka near Karpacz, tourist attractions, Karkonosze views in the Giant Mountains

Company events - Wrocław or maybe the mountains?

Corporate events in Wrocław, Warsaw and Katowice have their own charm. However, the true sense of freedom, peace and quiet can be found when communing with nature.

The Giant Mountains offer plenty of attractions. What can you see here?

Romantic ruins

Chojnik Castle

Built in the 14th century on a hill covered with Christmas trees, the Chojnik Castle remained unconquered for hundreds of years. It was only destroyed by the fire that broke out when in 1675 lightning struck the castle. Today, tournaments and games with the participation of a real Brotherhood of Knights are held in its ruins.

The Chojnik Castle is an excellent vantage point to admire the Karkonosze Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Kaczawskie Mountains and the entire Jelenia Góra Valley. Tourists are particularly impressed by the 150-meter-high cliff that descends along the castle to the so-called Hell's Valley.

Chojnik Castle _integration events Jelenia Góra

Corporate events in Wrocław move to the vicinity of Karpacz


Charming hostels, perfectly preserved chapels and churches, beautifully restored old inns and manor houses and other architectural gems are just some of the attractions of Karpacz - one of the most popular Polish mountain resorts. This is where the famous Avenue of Stars is located, where many Polish artists and athletes left their footprints.

Corporate events in Wrocław cannot be compared to the natural values of this region. Importantly, Karpacz is perfectly connected with other towns in the region and hundreds of walking trails encourage trips and active recreation in the bosom of nature.

Let this moment last...

Sosnowka Reservoir

At the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains, in the place of former fish ponds, an artificial reservoir of drinking water was created, in which all the surrounding mountain peaks are phenomenally reflected.

The Sosnówka reservoir is a reservoir of drinking water and a retention reservoir, therefore it is forbidden to swim there. It is surrounded by ramparts, the height of which reaches 370 meters. The final fragment of one of the streams supplying the lagoon has been hidden underground, which gives this place additional mystery.

Company trips - Wrocław or Polish Alps?

Śnieżka and mountain trails

The heart of the Karkonosze National Park is Śnieżka with a height of 1603 meters. Picturesque hiking trails of varying difficulty lead to its top, taking about 3 hours to complete.

The Karkonosze Mountains are often called the Polish Alps for a reason. There are hundreds of mountain trails and rock formations of various heights. Particularly noteworthy are the waterfalls: Kamieńczyk, Szklarka and Podgórna, as well as Śnieżne Kotły, i.e. two twin post-glacial rock formations, at the bottom of which there are small water reservoirs with exceptionally crystalline water.

In search of a magical source

St. George's Chapel Anna

Who said that corporate events - Wrocław or another city - is not the time to discover new, unobvious places?

St. George's Chapel Anny on the Tomb is a place of ancient worship since Neolithic times and is one of the most interesting objects of sacral tourism. Under the chapel, exactly under the place where the altar is located, there is a magical spring, called by the locals "the fountain of youth" or "the holy spring".

The chapel was built in the heart of the forest, on the slope of a peak that is 784 meters high. Its appearance has not changed significantly since the 18th century. Right next to it grows the thickest sycamore in Poland, whose circumference is 4.5 meters.