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Bielawa is situated at the foot of the Owl Mountains, and the famous Łysa Góra is located within the city limits. This city became the background of the cult novel by Andrzej Sapkowski, the so-called Hussite trilogy, whose main character, Reinmar von Bielau, is Reynevan from Bielawa!

We're sure if Reynevan got married, would choose wedding hall in the mountains, located 92 km from Bielawa. Specifically, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, located in Sosnówka.

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Bielawa yesterday and today

Rainmar von Bielau, the hero of Andrzej Sapkowski's Hussite trilogy is the most famous - although fictitious! – a character from this small town lying at the foot of the Owl Mountains. Bielawa is located along the Bielawica stream, in Przedgórze Sudeckie. The highest peak of Bielawa is Kalenica, while on Mount Panek - also known as Góra Parkowa - is located Observation Towerallowing you to admire the picturesque surroundings. There is also a wonderful view from the top of Kłobucznik, and you can also grow crops there hang gliding sports.
Initially, it was a chain-type village, in the 13th century Bielawa was granted city rights. In the 19th century, the largest textile factory in Silesia operated here.
Being in Bielawa, it is worth taking a walk through the streets of this well-kept, charming town and seeing historic villas and palaces, which are the remnants of the former spa activity of the city. The most famous is the 16th century The manor house in Bielawa.

Bielawa attractions

The biggest attraction of Bielawa is undoubtedly Lake Bielawskie – a picturesque reservoir. We will find there everything needed for recreation by the water - a sandy beach, a pier, a marina, sports fields and water equipment rental. With a view to Owl Mountains! It is Bielawa that is the gate to the Swoich Mountains Landscape Park. Paths for hikers, cyclists and skiers - everyone will find something for themselves.
The unique landscape of Bielawa and the surrounding area will be most conveniently admired from hundred-meter tower Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where there are as many as 4 observation decks.
If you only have time for a shorter recreation, it's worth a look City Park. There is a rope route for children and adults, an outdoor gym, a playground and a kayaking route on the water pond.
It's also worth watching historic city center and look into museum, located in a former textile factory, to learn about the history of this place. We will see there, among others, the equipment of the former pharmacy, reconstructed classrooms and memorabilia related to the Bielawa textile industry.

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