Wedding hall Zgorzelec

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Wedding hall Zgorzelec?
You have much more choice!

Zgorzelec, a city located right next to the German border, is a real gem for architecture enthusiasts. You can still admire many pre-war tenement houses, villas and palaces - even from the 16th century.

Such scenery can certainly accompany the beginning of a great adventure and a successful start in life together. However, what if the Zgorzelec wedding hall is not your dream come true?

You need space and a place surrounded by nature, where you can celebrate with friends and family? All these criteria are met by a wedding in the mountains!


Zgorzelec history

Zgorzelec is a border town, located on the Nysa Łużycka, in Upper Lusatia. Until 1945 it was part of the city of Görlitz. On May 5, 1998, the city was united again - then the establishment of the Eurocity of Zgorzelec/Görlitz was proclaimed together with Görlitz.
The oldest records of Zgorzelec date back to 1071. For centuries, the city was alternately ruled by Czech, German and Polish princes. It was granted city rights in 1303. Zgorzelec developed thanks to its favorable communication location, because the most important routes of medieval Europe crossed there: the Royal Route (Via Regia) and the route leading from Praga to the Baltic ports. In the 13th century, a large group moved to Zgorzelec Flemish clothiers, so the city became famous as a center of cloth production. It has also become a center of international trade.

Zgorzelec attractions

It is worth seeing Zgorzelec Old Town with historical buildings. The oldest part of Zgorzelec, with buildings from the 17th century, is Przedmieście Nyskie. The historic tenement houses at ul. Daszyńskiego, Post Office Square, 19th-century Palace, Kolodziej's house or the Old Town Bridge, through which the Lower Silesian section of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, i.e. the famous Way of St. Jacob.
Lusatian Museum it is a must-see for every tourist interested in the history of the area. A room of a half-timbered house, typical for the region, was reconstructed there, in which we can see furniture and everyday objects from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Equally interesting is the tenement house where the famous Protestant mystic lived in the 17th century, i.e House of Jacob Boehme. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to this remarkable figure.
The Trail of Historical Parks and Gardens of Lower Silesian Forests runs through Zgorzelec. And nearby is one of the most famous Lower Silesian castles - Czocha Castle, located on the picturesque Leśniańskie Lake.

Feel the atmosphere of the manor in the mountains ♥

What is most important for couples choosing a wedding venue? It turns out that the short distance from the place of residence is not one of the leading criteria for many future spouses.

Therefore, if you are interested in a unique wedding hall, Zgorzelec may not be your first choice. Even if you're from this town.

fiancées who are looking for a stylish and impressive wedding hall, you may like the interiors straight from the 19th century, offered by Dwór Korona Karkonoszy. The local Ballroom is 9 m high, with crimson walls and over 100-year-old wooden ceiling.

The ceremony organized in such an interior has a unique atmosphere, the memory of which will remain in the memory of the wedding guests for a long time.