Wedding hall Wroclaw

And they lived happily ever after...

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Wedding hall Wroclaw -
or maybe a wedding in the mountains?

For future spouses planning a wedding, Wrocław has a lot to offer. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Polish cities, boasting stunning architecture and rich history.

For those who expect something other than a wedding hall in Wrocław, we have great news. Lower Silesia is waiting for you to discover it. And there is a lot to choose from - elegant halls in cities, elegant mansions and palaces, and charming resorts in the mountains await us.

Regardless of the chosen style or theme of the wedding, everyone will find something for themselves. It is not without reason that the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is considered to be the unofficial center of weddings in Poland. Wedding in Lower Silesia is an option often chosen by young couples. On the question of whether wedding Wroclaw and its surroundings are a good location, there can only be one answer - yes!

Wrocław past and present

Wroclaw is located on the Odra River, in the center of the Silesian Lowland. It is the historical capital of Lower Silesia. This is an extraordinary city! Multicultural and open, teeming with life and metropolitan energy, and at the same time full of places where you can feel the breath of history.
A small settlement inhabited by the people of Ślęża existed here already in the 10th century, founded by Prince Wratysław, from whom the city took its name. The official "founding of Wrocław" dates back to the year 1000 - it was then, during the Congress of Gniezno, that a bishopric was established in Wrocław. Shortly afterwards in the oldest part of the city, on Ostrów Tumski a Romanesque cathedral was built. There was already a wooden defensive stronghold there, founded by Prince Mieszko I. In the 14th century, Wrocław came under Czech rule. By then it was already an important player on the international arena and was, among other things, admitted to the group of Hanseatic cities. The development of the city was facilitated by its favorable location at the crossroads of trade routes leading from the South to the North and from the West to the East.
Then the city was ruled by the Habsburgs, and from the 18th century by the Prussians. Therefore, Wrocław received the title of a royal city - it became the third residence of the monarch, next to Berlin and Königsberg. In 1702 it was founded Leopoldina Academy, the heir of which is today's University. Then began the process of transforming Wrocław from the multicultural city it had been for centuries into a German city. The 19th century marked further industrial and cultural development of the city.
In the interwar period, among others, a monumental one was built Hall of the century. During World War II, Wrocław was declared a fortress and was to be defended to the last soldier. This caused enormous destruction of the urban fabric.
After the war, already as a Polish city, it was painstakingly rebuilt today it is one of the most beautiful and most frequently visited places in Poland. Here, cultural and social life flourishes at any time of the year, and tourists flock to various places the parties or just to feel the unique atmosphere of this city. Wrocław – everyone is at home here!

Market Square in Wrocław
Wroclaw Ostrow Tumski

Wrocław attractions

What can you do in Wrocław? The answer is simple – everything!
Nature lovers can spend time in the Szczytnicki Park, on the beaches on the embankments of the Oder river and numerous canals, in the historic zoo, in the Botanical Garden or in the beautiful South Park.
For curious we have Hydropolis, various museums - for example, Post and Telecommunications, Pan Tadeusz, National, Municipal, University of Wrocław, Mineralogical, Ethnographic, Racławicka Panorama, Architecture, Contemporary Art, Archaeology, Medal Art, Museum of Theater, Pharmacy, Militaria, Cemetery Art, Motorization and many more.
On gourmets atmospheric pubs offering cuisines from around the world, countless types of craft beer and delicious sweets and plenty of confectioneries with craft ice cream are waiting for you.
For party people there is an event center in Pasaż Niepolda and Bogusławskiego Street, under the railway tracks, as well as the entire Market Square with lots of entertainment venues.
History lovers can enjoy the modernist Centennial Hall, one of the largest Market Squares in Europe with the beautiful Gothic Town Hall, the building of the University of Wrocław with the phenomenal Leopoldina Hall, the Ossolineum, the medieval Ostrów Tumski and the District of Four Denominations.
There will also be something for thirsty for cultural experiences. Forum Musicum, Capitol Theater and Wrocław Contemporary Theater, New Horizons Film Festival, the most modern cinemas in the country, arthouse cinemas, walks in the footsteps of Eberhart Mock from Marek Krajewski's beloved novels - there is plenty to choose from!
Wrocław offers so many interesting ways to spend time that it is impossible to even list them. This was just a sample. We still have a rich student life, the summer Midsummer Fair and the famous Christmas Fair, antique fairs, culinary festivals, sporting events, concerts and many, many other attractions.

roofs of Wrocław

We are happy to make dreams come true♥

If you are not interested in a wedding hall in Wrocław, but you want the party to take place in Lower Silesia, you can end your search. Among many wedding halls in the mountains the Crown of the Karkonosze Court in Sosnówka near Karpacz stands out.

The beautiful location of the facility, a unique wedding hall 9 m high and comprehensive organization of the ceremony are just some of the advantages of this place. If you dream wedding in the garden with a view of the mountains or a stylish celebration in the elegant Ballroom, it is worth booking a date today.

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