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Świdnica boasts a beautiful location on the edge of the Sudety Mountains and the Wałbrzyskie Mountains, and a rich list of churches, including historic ones. Young couples from Świdnica have no problem with choosing a place for a wedding - but what about a wedding? Perhaps the Świdnica wedding hall is close. But is it the dream one? The one, the only one wedding hall Lower Silesia surely waiting for you somewhere...

The fashion for arranging a wedding outside the place of residence is gaining more and more supporters. These are the most preferred solutions couples who want to find a truly magical place. One of them is undoubtedly Dwór Korona Karkonosze. here each the wedding is like a fairy taleand.

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Świdnica yesterday and today

Swidnica is a city located in the province Lower Silesia, which has a long and interesting history dating back to the Middle Ages. For centuries it was known in the region a center of commerce and crafts. Swidnica is famous for its great architectural heritage. The most characteristic monument of the city is the Church of Peace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Church of Peace is one of the three surviving Protestant churches built in the mid-17th century under the Peace of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Years' War. It is a wonderful example of wooden sacral architecture that attracts crowds of tourists.
In addition to the Church of Peace, Świdnica has other historical and cultural attractions. Market it is the heart of the city and is characterized by colorful, well-preserved historical buildings. There is also a Gothic one in the square Town hall, one of the oldest in Poland, dating back to the 14th century. The narrow streets of the Old Town are full of charming shops, cafes and restaurants.
Świdnica organizes a lot cultural events and festivals. The city also offers various amenities, including shopping centers, parks and sports facilities.

Swidnica street

Swidnica attractions

In Świdnica definitely worth taking some time to visit the famous 16th century Church of Peace, which is a unique monument of Protestant sacral architecture. You can admire its interior, amazing architecture and rich carving decorations.
Walk the streets Old Townwhich have retained their charm and the atmosphere of the historic center. You can see colorful tenement houses, historic buildings and enjoy the charming surroundings.
Discover local museums: Swidnica has some interesting museums, such as, for example Museum of Old Commercewhere you can learn about the history of trade and crafts in Świdnica. There you will see former craft workshops, tools and everyday objects.
try it local cuisine – regional dishes in restaurants and cafes in Świdnica. You can taste traditional Lower Silesian dishes and enjoy local flavors.
Choose to Theatre. Norwid in the city center for one of the interesting shows.
take a walk around City Park, JIf you are looking for relaxation and contact with nature. You can picnic there or just relax on a bench.
Shop at local stores. RYnek in Świdnica is a perfect place for shopping. There you can find shops with local crafts, souvenirs and other interesting products.

Church of Peace in Świdnica

Wedding in the mountains for young couples from Świdnica

A wedding reception at Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is a great solution not only for young couples from Świdnica and Lower Silesia, but for all those who are looking for a unique place.

This facility is beautifully situated in Sosnówka near Karpacz tempts not only with its unique interiors, excellent service and excellent cuisinebut also competitive prices.

Unforgettable wedding in the mountains or wedding hall Świdnica? We will be happy to help you make a decision - we are at your disposal!